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After the previouslies (undocumented Mexican woman kidnapped and shown nailed to the desert floor on a live online video feed) and some glamorous aerial shots of El Paso, Lieutenant Wade is storming into the busy police station and demanding of the room at large, "Whose idea was this internet horseshit anyway?" In this context, or just in general? Kitty meets him at the front desk with a cup of coffee and word that the FBI is on the way. "Figured as much," he grumps, heading straight over to where Cross and Ruiz are standing over Tim Cooper's desk, monitoring the Times's live feed of Maria Que-llamo pinned to the desert floor. "It's gone viral, as they say," Cooper informs Wade, which Wade doesn't think sounds good. Just shows you how internet-savvy he's not. Ruiz says that according to his sergeant in Juarez, they're calling the killer the Bridge Butcher. Is that as catchy in Spanish? El Carnicero Puente ? I don't think so.

Cross tattles that Daniel Frye was the one who leaked it. I was kind of wondering how this ended up on the Times website when both of its reporters were holed up across the border as of last night. Wade asks Cooper to trace the source of the webcast with some "computer judo," but Cooper is being stymied by the numerous proxies routing the transmission. Of course we knew the killer wouldn't make an obvious mistake like that anyway. "She's got a day at best," Ruiz says. Wade tells Cooper to put together a search team to make sure it doesn't turn into a "goat rodeo," whatever that means. Good thing the boss is finally there to tell everyone how to proceed, because otherwise it never would have occurred to anyone to start looking for her. He also angrily orders, "Drag Frye's sorry ass in here now!" Cross and Ruiz head out to make it so, I guess because they're Frye's favorite cops or something.

Charlotte drives her Escalade out to a spot on one of her ranch's dirt roads where Cesar has apparently been busy burying Rio, the recently dead horse. "You're going to have to fix that," she says, pointing out a hoof sticking out. On the one hand, how does one guy cut down and bury a horse all by himself without anyone noticing? And on the other, apparently he drags it off somewhere behind his truck and piles dirt on top of it without even bothering to pull off the road. Charlotte doesn't want her stepdaughter Kate to know about this and tells Cesar to make up some story about how they sold Rio. She wonders how nobody heard it happen. "I was sleeping," Cesar says after a pause. Which may be his way of discreetly saying that nobody could have been expected to hear anything over the racket of her sexing up that Mexican police detective last night. She says something about upgrading the whole security system, which Cesar says won't help. "She wants that tunnel opened." "And if I don't?" Charlotte asks. "It won't be a horse next time." After pacing for a moment, Charlotte finally gives in, and Cesar says he'll take care of it. "The less you know, the better." Charlotte seems to accept this, clearly too stressed out to consider the obvious clues that this was an inside job. Et tu, Cesar?

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