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Cross Fire
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Up in the hills, Charlotte's porn-y new sidekick Ray walks over and taps on the back window of an SUV, which rolls down slowly. There's Graciela Rivera, gazing out with her usual appraising look. Something is about to go down here. "Digging the whole Erykah Badu thing you got going there," Ray says, pointing at Graciela's usual turban. "What do you want?" she snaps, totally not digging the whole Eddie Haskell think he's got going there. Ray says he was hoping to do this the first time in person, and she crabbily lets him in the back seat and scoots over to the passenger side. "Guessing I checked out with the cowboy lawyer?" Ray ventures, in reference to Monte P. Flagman.

Coincidentally, Lyle Lovett was performing here in Minnesota on the night of this episode, but wouldn't you know it, I had to work. Graciela just says that "Monte is very thorough." Ray figures that means yes, and asks for his money. The driver hands back an envelope full of cash, but after riffling through the hundreds and finding them satisfactory, Ray, oddly enough, still isn't moving. He tells Graciela that it's a shame to see the tunnel running one-way, and suggests making it do double duty as a southward pipeline for, say, AR-15s. That's the first moment of this meeting in which waves of hatred aren't pouring visibly off of her, but she says those guns aren't easy to get right now.

Ray knows that, and says he can get it started this week. Graciela asks him another question: "Do you have an opinion about oral sex?" And since she's unbuttoning herself, it's probably not just small talk. Ray's all for it, at least in general, and Graciela turns toward him in her seat, leaning back and declaring, "This will be our arrangement moving forward." Ray: "So is that a yes on the guns?"

Graciela braces herself, grabbing onto the safety handles and the seat belt, saying, "Depending." Ray's not exactly diving in, stalling by asking, "Is this a cartel thing?" She tells him in Spanish to shut up, so he starts putting his mouth to other use. The driver's still up front and everything, visible only by his eyes in the rear view mirror, framed not unlike the eyes-only sketch of the killer produced by the police artist. But see? What did I say about something being about to go down?

We must be running short this week, because the title sequence is a little longer, with the slow, mournful theme song stretching to four lines instead of three. Extended dance mix! For tree sloths.

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The Bridge




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