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Night. A station wagon pulls up in front of a police station. A man gets out and starts to rush inside, but he pulls up short when he realizes that the woman in the passenger seat, his wife, isn't right behind him. He stops and asks if she's coming inside, but she's worried about what they're going to tell people about what happened. The guy tries to reassure her that it'll all be fine, and heads inside alone.

Inside, he finds one of those mythical television police stations that don't look like all of the furnishings were ordered from the 1973 Government Catalog of Avocado Green or Burnt Orange Molded Plastic. The cop at the desk, who is bathed in a golden light also never found in an actual police station because of the overhead fluorescents, asks the guy's name. The guy is Daniel Webster. Oh, so clever. Get it? Where's the devil? I'm sure we'll find out. If I were a TV exec, that sort of cutesy naming convention would make me puke and pass on the script immediately. Anyway, Daniel is there to pick up Grace, his daughter, and tells the desk cop that he is related to THE Daniel Webster. The cop muses, "From founding father to drug addict in a few short generations." Daniel insists that his daughter isn't a drug addict, and assuming this is her first arrest, I don't get where the cop presumes that she is either, but I guess this is supposed to represent how the community will react or something. ["Plus, it's weed. Who refers to a pothead as a 'drug addict'? Even a cop?" -- Wing Chun] Daniel points out that Daniel Webster wasn't a founding father, which I was just thinking, and about to fire up Wikipedia to check. The cop expositions that Grace had five ounces of pot, and then gives Daniel a form to take to the cashier, where he will get a court date for his daughter.

Another cop escorts Grace up front. She looks like a scared teenager, although not completely freaked out. She thanks her father for coming, and he just stares at her like he's not quite sure what emotion to go with first. He settles on comforting her, and asks if she's okay. Grace knows there's more there, and Daniel obliges by launching into a lecture. Grace begins to stomp on outta there, but Daniel directs her to sit down so that he can post her bail. Grace starts in on the typical teen "I knew you wouldn't understand" thing and Daniel hisses at her that she's been arrested, and that they think she was taking drugs. Grace says that she wasn't taking drugs. Daniel seems already to know this to be true. Grace adds, "I was selling drugs." Daniel stares at her, and she sighs and asks to talk about it later. Daniel kneels in front of her and asks what's going on. Grace asks if he would have given her $4000 if she asked, and he says he wouldn't. Grace gives up trying to explain, and starts to take off again. Daniel says that she can just wait in the car with her mother. Grace apparently hates her mother more than she does her father, because she comes back and sits down and waits.

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Book of Daniel




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