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Oh, yeah. The actual storyline in the episode needs to be resolved. They really need to remove about a third of the plotting, because it's a little ridiculous. Anyway, Michelle and Scott, the engaged couple, visit Daniel in his office. They report that they've called off the wedding, because it was the pressure of marriage that was ruining their sex life. They still plan to get married someday, but they've removed the expectations of others. Daniel clarifies that they're not getting married due to his advice, and in the background, Jesus gives him a sarcastic double thumbs up.

Judith goes to a bank and gossips with the loan officer about mutual friends. They finally get down to business, and the loan officer reports that Judith can't take out a mortgage on their house, because the deed is still in Judith's mother's name. Judith is clearly shocked, but covers well and makes up some story about how they meant to file the new deed but were distracted on their wedding day and forgot. The loan officer pretends like she believes it, and Judith walks out, promising to return with the deed. As soon as she's gone, the loan officer walks over to share the gossip with a co-worker.

Rainy stands outside, behind a tree, smoking a joint. So she stole Grace's pot. A car pulls up, and Father Frank gets out. Rainy hides her stash and says that she'll get Daniel for him. Daniel comes out and invites Frank inside, but he won't come in. Daniel joins him, and Frank makes it clear that he's only the messenger. His good news is that they've found the money. Daniel is overjoyed. Frank says that the more good news is that his guys aren't charging any fees or anything. But the catch is that Daniel needs to use the mob's construction company to build his school. Daniel isn't really excited about getting into bed with the mob, but Frank says that if he doesn't, he won't get the $3 million back. Nice. Blackmail by a Catholic priest.

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