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Grace entertains her new friend, Wanda, who is checking out Grace's drawings, including one of a new character called Super Priest. Wanda is sort of flattered that Grace drew a picture of her, but asks to be removed from the comic anyway. Wanda finishes downloading some animation programs for Grace and then gives her the name of the geek who taught her everything, which is Yoda. Grace starts looking for her weed to complete the transaction, but it's gone. She remembers that she has a little bit that she found in Adam's room, and hands it over, effectively ending her pot business.

Daniel walks by Peter's room and overhears him making a deal to buy some tickets for $240. He questions Peter about it, and Peter says that pretending to be straight is expensive, but that it's not a big deal. Daniel promises to talk to his father once everything calms down. Peter says that he's not interested in "becoming some sort of poster boy for the movement," and doesn't want "to be defined as the Reverend Webster's openly gay son." Daniel is accepting of this. Peter insists that he's not closeted, but says he also doesn't want to march in parades.

Bishop Burstyn pours herself a drink while wearing a dressing gown. Bishop Grandpa walks in, putting his clothes back on. So they're doing it! Nice. Bishop Grandpa talks about how his wife doesn't even recognize him, and is even afraid of him. He wonders why he feels guilty anyway. Bishop Burstyn is kind to him, and he semi-jokingly asks her to marry him. Bishop Burstyn laughs it off, but they hug anyway.

Daniel and Judith finish doing it, and it's a Monday! Judith says that they can be spontaneous too, but that Daniel should keep it under his hat, so to speak. They both laugh. Judith has something serious she needs to discuss. She's feeling unfulfilled now that the kids are older, and she wants to figure out how she can work again. Daniel isn't arguing, since they could use the money, and suggests that they consider taking out a mortgage on the house. Where in the hell did that come from? Daniel wants to use the money to start construction on the school until Father Frank can find the money Charlie stole. Judith is worried, since the house has been in her family for generations, and that if Frank doesn't come through, they'll lose the house.

Adam and Caroline secretly meet up in a parking lot somewhere. Caroline says that she can't stay long, and adds that she's not going away to school, despite her parents' threats. Adam says that he doesn't want to lose her, and Caroline is touched. They start making out some more, and the camera pans over to reveal the Nora is parked nearby, watching them. Perv.

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Book of Daniel




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