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Bishop Burstyn is rummaging through Daniel's desk, and finds a prescription-pill bottle, which she is overjoyed to find. Daniel walks in and finds her. Bishop Burstyn asks whether the prescription is for Adam, and doesn't even apologize for snooping. She explains that the pill Daniel gave her the other night really helped her headaches. Daniel says that the pills are Adam's, and tries to find his own stash. Jesus pops up to tell Daniel where the pills are. Bishop Burstyn asks for two. Daniel advises her to take it easy, because they can cause liver damage. Bishop Burstyn says that brandy will too, and that she figures the damage to her liver has already been done. Michelle, the female half of the engaged couple, shows up, and Bishop Burstyn takes her leave.

Daniel escorts Michelle into his office and asks what's going on. She wonders how you can tell if you love someone, since she's been wondering that ever since Scott proposed. Daniel asks what getting high does for her. Michelle says that it relaxes her and makes her less frightened. Daniel advises her to tell Scott that marriage scares her, and then talk it over. Michelle asks if she can get high first. Daniel says no, but then flashes back to all the times he's popped pills, and realizes that he's being a hypocrite. He tells Michelle that she might want to be clear-headed for this conversation. As Michelle goes to leave, she says that she might have told someone about Daniel and Judith's Friday-night sex thing. Turns out that Michelle knows Jessie because they used to work together, until their company went bankrupt. Michelle adds that Jessie was accused of taking that company's money, but that Michelle doubted it.

Daniel arrives at Victoria's house and knocks on the front door, hard. He gets no response, so he pounds again. Judith answers and tells him to chill the fuck out. Victoria called her, crying as usual, so she came over to see what was what. Sometimes Susanna Thompson, who plays Judith, has this really weird, almost Shakespearean, line delivery that doesn't really jibe with the show or the character. And I know she's a great actress from her work on Once And Again, so I don't know what the deal is. I think it's how she talks when she's trying to be funny. It's not working. Anyway, Daniel comes in and insists on talking to Victoria. Judith stops him short when she asks if Daniel's been telling people that they have sex every Friday, since Jessie and Victoria seem to know all about it. Victoria pops up, and Daniel turns on her, demanding to know what's going on with Jessie. Victoria admits that Jessie left her. Daniel is shocked at the phrasing, but Judith doesn't seem surprised, and reminds Victoria that she promised this wouldn't happen again. Daniel can't believe he didn't know that Victoria likes chicks that way. I can't believe that Judith, who has a gay son, seems so disapproving of Victoria here. I mean, it is possible that Jessie killed Charlie, but that doesn't seem to be Judith's issue. Victoria tells them that Charlie wanted to spice up their sex life, so he hired Jessie to work in his office, and eventually they all became friends. Or more than friends. And then Victoria fell in love with Jessie. Daniel asks where Jessie is, and starts yelling and getting all het up. Victoria remembers that there was a message on Charlie's office machine about a safe-deposit box. Daniel whips out his cell phone and calls Father Frank.

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Book of Daniel




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