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Judith meets up with Roger and Nora (Caroline's parents) at the emergency room. Judith reports that Adam is going to be okay. Roger seems inclined to forgive and forget, but Nora offers to give Adam "a good, stern talking-to" if necessary. Judith thinks she can handle it. Daniel walks out with Adam, who has a banged-up shoulder and a cracked rib. Adam says that he has some painkillers, but that he doesn't really need them, and Daniel quickly offers to hold them for him. Daniel leads Adam over to apologize to Roger and Nora, but Frank the Catholic priest shows up and interrupts. Daniel heads off to talk with him. Frank whispers that they have a good idea where the money went. Adam asks where Caroline is, and Nora and Roger says that they didn't think she should come there, and in fact, they think that Adam and Caroline should take a break. Adam doesn't think that's fair, and Nora drops the bomb that Caroline will be going to a private boarding school. Daniel returns and apologizes to Roger and Nora again. He and Roger walk out together. Adam starts to confront Nora about continuing to date Caroline, but Judith pushes him off and says that she'll handle it. Judith sits down and says that she doesn't think it's unreasonable for Adam and Caroline to see each other from time to time. Nora reminds me of that Ana Gasteyer character from SNL, the stereotypical WASP-y Connecticut denizen who barely opens her mouth when she speaks. Anyway, Nora says that she "has no intention of watching little Oriental grandchildren running around [her] Christmas tree."

Out in the hallway, Roger threatens Daniel about what might happen if they don't find the missing money. Daniel is happy to report that Father Frank might know where it is. Roger isn't happy about the alliance with the Catholics. Nora marches by and tells Roger to join her. He tries to put her off, and then realizes what he's done as she glares at him. He follows his wife without another word, so clearly she's in charge there. Maybe Grace should have drawn Nora in the dominatrix outfit instead of her mother.

Choir rehearsal. During a break, Peter befriends a cutie named David, who is studying to be a veterinarian. They exchange compliments on each other's singing talent until Grace shows up to ask Peter where his new girlfriend is. Peter stammers a bit and says that Grandpa must have forgotten. He says he's going to show David around the church. Grace snarks, "Oh, I bet. Don't forget to show him your..." "Peter!" interrupts Grandpa Bishop, who has just walked up. That was my one laugh-out-loud moment in this episode. Anyway, Grandpa Bishop is accompanied by Bishop Burstyn's niece, Adele, who also happens to be David's sister. Peter doesn't have much to say, and Bishop Grandpa thinks that Peter is a little old to be tongue-tied by the ladies; he reminds Peter to give Adele "the tour." David tells Peter, "Be nice to my little sister or I'll be all over you." Grace whispers, "Oh, we wouldn't want that" to Peter, who looks disappointed, to say the least.

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Book of Daniel




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