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Later that night, Daniel has a cigar outside and talks to Jesus. He asks if Jesus ever talks to Bishop Grandpa. Jesus says he used to, a long time ago. Daniel asks Jesus to let him know if Daniel ever does anything to really piss Jesus off. Jesus promises that Bishop Grandpa is a good man, deep down. The conversation is interrupted when Scott, the male half of the engaged couple, stops by as he's out for a jog. Daniel is surprised, since Scott doesn't even live in the neighborhood. Scott admits that he has something he wanted to discuss without Michelle, his fiancée.

Once they're inside, Scott says he's worried that Michelle doesn't love him unless she's high. Daniel says that Scott and Michelle seem like they really fit together, and Scott actually agrees. Daniel urges Scott to "get creative" and "make her feel safe." Adam calls out that he's going over to Caroline's house, which reminds Scott that he should get home before Michelle starts to worry. Daniel pretends that he's all upset that the couple is living together in sin, and sees Scott out.

Adam pops up and says that he's going to visit Caroline. Daniel is seriously slurring his words, and I don't know if it's just the way Aidan Quinn talks, or one of the effects of the Vicodin. Daniel points out that Adam seems to be getting pretty serious with Caroline. Adam tries to laugh it off, but then admits that he really likes her. He goes back into joke mode, claiming that Caroline likes Adam's "killer smile." ["I know I do. Rrrowr." -- Wing Chun] Daniel says that Adam got that smile from him. Adam says that he thought he had Daniel's eyes. I'm glad that they're so open about Adam being adopted and all, but it seems off somehow. Maybe it's the fact that the actor playing ostensibly teenaged Adam appear to be, like, thirty. Daniel assures Adam that he's a good kid, and urges him to take things slow. Adam takes off on his skateboard. Daniel tells Jesus that he worries about Adam. Jesus says that Daniel needs to let Adam be a kid. Daniel thinks that Adam's tough guy act is just that -- an act. Jesus reminds him that everyone needs to make his or her own mistakes.

Adam and Caroline are up in Caroline's room, totally doing it. Caroline is worried that they're making too much noise, but Adam reminds her that no one is home. That's the cue for Caroline's parents to come home. Adam tries to escape out the window, and he makes it onto a branch, but just as Roger walks in, the branch breaks off and Adam lands on Roger's car. He moves a little bit to show that he's not dead. Caroline's mom stands on the steps with a drink (which she must have mixed in the ten seconds since they got home) and tight-asses, "Oh, for God's sake."

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