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The whole thing is interrupted when Victoria and Jessie show up, just to ratchet up the awkwardness. Judith makes Victoria help her in the kitchen, and Daniel shows Jessie to the restroom to freshen up. The kids take the parentless opportunity to continue discussing Peter's choice in partners. Grace says that Peter likes tomboys, and Adam adds that Peter likes his women with "great big arms, and...things." Grandpa Bishop still doesn't catch on, and offers to set Peter up with Bishop Burstyn's niece. Peter has no choice but to accept, and agrees to meet the niece at choir practice that evening.

Daniel waits for Jessie in the hallway, and takes the opportunity to pop a pill while telling Jesus that he really does mean to tell his father that Peter is gay, but that the timing hasn't been right. Jesus thinks Daniel should just go for it, but Daniel says he doesn't have the energy to go through it right now. Jesus points out that it's kind of about Daniel, and not his father. Daniel thinks Jesus should tell his father, then.

In the kitchen, Victoria defends Jessie to Judith, who primly says that she would like a little more notice when Victoria plans to bring a guest to Sunday dinner. Victoria simpers some more. Man, she really is annoying.

Daniel finds his mother exiting the bathroom. She is delighted to see him, and confides that her husband always liked Daniel's brother Worth the best, but that she likes Daniel the best. No one really liked Libby, apparently. Daniel tells his mother that he loves her, and she asks, "Am I your mother?" Aw. That's actually sad. Jesus puts his hand on Daniel's shoulder. Daniel says that he misses his mom, and asks if Jesus can do anything for her. Jesus says it doesn't work like that, and Daniel wonders why it doesn't.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane. I'm sorry, I've wanted to type that ever since I started writing this recap and I had to get it out there to remove it from my brain. Now back to your regularly scheduled recap.

Judith walks Grandpa and Grandma to their car. Grandma seems to be doing better, and thanks Judith for having them over. She also thanks her husband, and he's shocked to hear such kindness from her. It spurs him to suggest that they find a place to live closer to Daniel and Judith. The touching family moment ends when Grandma hauls off and slaps Grandpa for touching her, reminding him that her husband is the Bishop. Grandpa looks stunned, more by the sudden reversal in mood than by the slap itself. Judith calms Grandma down and gets her in the car.

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