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Grace is picking up litter as part of her community service. She's made a new friend, who got busted for internet piracy. The friend knows some guy, "the king of the geeks," who "hacked into his parents' pension plan and bought himself a co-op in the city." Grace asks if the guy might be able to help her obtain some animation programs. The friend asks if Grace has any pot left, and it looks like they might have a deal.

Daniel sits down with the couple to talk about communication in a marriage. He ascertains that the couple doesn't have any money issues and that they both want kids. The problem is apparently in the bedroom, although the woman isn't quite willing to discuss it. The man reveals that the woman can't have sex with him unless she gets stoned first. Daniel's first reaction is that this isn't a big deal, but then he realizes that it is for them, and backpedals. He counsels that every couple has their quirks. The wife asks what's weird about Daniel and his wife. Daniel reveals that, no matter what happens all week, they always have sex on Friday night. The couple doesn't seem to be convinced that they are normal.

Daniel's family has dinner with Grandpa Bishop and their heretofore unseen Grandma Kate, who is suffering from some form of senility or dementia or Alzheimer's or something. Everyone comments on how well Grandma is doing, and Grandpa Bishop reports that their daughter Libby got them some new drugs that have helped a great deal. Grandma kind of disproves that theory when she says that she has a daughter named Libby. Awkward silence. Everyone says that they wish Grandma Kate would come for dinner more often, and Grandma Kate says that she'd like to, but that Grandpa Bishop won't let her. She clearly has some animosity toward him, which may be entirely due to her health issues. Grandma Kate also reports that Grandpa Bishop is always showing her his penis. Everyone tries to change the subject and it's still awkward. Grandma Kate reports that she has to pee, and Rainy offers to show her where the restroom is.

Judith gets another martini to deal with the stress, and then changes the subject to Grace's new hobby. (Art, not selling pot.) Grace is looking for a job to help pay for her new computer. Adam is delighted to hear that Grace will be working retail, and Daniel reveals that Adam will help to organize an upcoming church event. Peter thinks Adam is only helping so that he can share a tent with Caroline. Adam refers to Peter's being gay, which Grandpa Bishop clearly doesn't know about, because he keeps bringing up how Peter needs to meet a nice girl. Adam and Grace keep bringing up Peter's sexuality, and Daniel, Judith, and Peter keep trying to quash it.

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Book of Daniel




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