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We open with the closing scene from the previous episode, where Daniel has arrived at Victoria's house to deliver the leftovers, and discovers Victoria and Jessie giggling together in the kitchen. Daniel leans on Jessie's car alongside Jesus, who advises Daniel to knock on the door and ask what's going on. Bishop Grandpa, who's been waiting not-so-patiently in the car, honks the horn in the universal sign for "Get the lead out, loser." This causes Victoria and Jessie to look out the window. Daniel tries to just drop off the leftovers without having an awkward conversation, but Victoria runs outside and makes the excuse that the cops let Jessie go, so she clearly didn't murder Charlie. So Victoria has decided to let Jessie stay at her house for a while. Daniel has to go, but promises that they will continue this conversation. Jessie picks that moment to join them, and lays a hand on Victoria's shoulder in a familiar way. Daniel asks her if she knows what Charlie did with the money. Jessie doesn't know, and Victoria promises to look into it. Bishop Grandpa shows up and bitches about having to wait. Victoria introduces Jessie, and Bishop Grandpa leaves, making it clear that Daniel needs to join him. Daniel tells Victoria again that they need to talk later.

As Daniel walks to his car, he fumbles with the lid on his jar of Vicodin. Before he can get one out, Bishop Grandpa starts haranguing Daniel for hiring Charlie in the first place. Bishop Grandpa thinks the whole thing makes Daniel look like he has poor judgment, which won't exactly inspire trust from his parishioners. Daniel can't even formulate a response. He looks back at Victoria's house and sees Victoria and Jessie watching them, clearly wondering if they pulled off whatever they were trying to pull off.

After services at the church, Bishop Burstyn pays Daniel a visit. She claims that she doesn't want to continue critiquing his sermons this way, but that Daniel needs her feedback. Daniel offers to let her give the sermons from now on, but she doesn't want that. She just doesn't want Daniel to keep bringing his own issues into the sermons. It seems that Daniel gave a sermon about forgiveness, and how he needs to forgive Charlie, and Bishop Burstyn didn't find that appropriate, preferring that Daniel "search [his] soul on [his] own time."

Daniel glances over and spots a couple waiting for him outside his office. Bishop Burstyn doesn't see the couple and keeps going on and on about Charlie stealing the money and possibly having an affair and so on until Daniel kind of yells to get her attention and then introduces her to the young couple, who are there for premarital counseling. They offer to come back if it's a bad time, and Bishop Burstyn says she just needs to speak to Daniel privately for a moment. Once they're alone, Daniel pops a Vicodin, lying that it's headache medicine. Bishop Burstyn asks for one, and Daniel claims that they're " a bit stronger than your garden-variety headache pills." Bishop Burstyn reminds him that she lived through the '60s, so Daniel claims that they're "Canadian headache pills" and contain codeine. Which is true! You can buy that over the counter in Canada! ["And yet, I still buy my Excedrin in the U.S. Caffeine works better, yo!" -- Wing Chun] Bishop Burstyn won't take no for an answer, so Daniel hands over a Vicodin, which she tosses in her mouth and swallows dry. Once she's gone, Jesus appears and sarcastically suggests that Daniel open a roadside stand.

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