The Blacklist
The Judge

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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love


The Cowboy goes through her shit, taking pictures of money in many nationalities, many hotel pens from various locations, an entire kitchen cabinet of bottled water which is so nuts I knew this had to be Jolene's house, several identities, luggage tags and whatever.

Cowboy: "I found a flash drive. Also she has been to the following places..."
Red: "Hang on, I am having tiny flashbacks to each of those places."
Cowboy: "She is tracking somebody for sure. Causing trouble. My feeling is that this Jolene either has lots of little targets, or one real big one."
Red: "Surely you have connected the dots to who that might be."
Cowboy: "I said Don't tell me how to do my job!"


Liz: "Mister, I need you to level with me right now about Rifkin."
Cooper: "I already did, okay?"

Connelly menaces his way out of the inky darkness of every area on this entire show. His toothy, smug-ass smile tells you all you need to know.

Cooper: "Agent Keen, this is US Attorney Tom Connolly. He is the worst."
Liz: "Actually can I talk to you in private?"
Cooper: "Anything you say to me you can say in front of him. Not to be a total cliché."
Liz: "Okay well, you got ordered by this tool to beat a confession out of Alan Ray Rifkin, and the second he's executed you are both getting kidnapped to a Cracker Barrel."
Cooper: "Yeah okay I beat him into confessing but that doesn't make me a bad person! I am unable to hear what you are saying because it hurts my feelings!"
Liz: "I know that and we can talk about your feelings later but right now I would like to solve the case of the..."
Connelly: "Imaginary Judge? You are so fucking dumb, and also a woman."
Liz: "You act like I'm trying to stop a person from getting killed by the state! A thing I would never do! I am simply trying to..."
Connelly: "We're done here. You go back to darning socks or whatever and let the men rest in the glory that they are untouchable."
Liz: "Argh! I feel like The Judge right now! Exactly like The Judge! I am going to tattle on you to the Federal Clemency Officer as my last-ditch defense within the system!"
Connelly: "Cool, we golf together. Do you not get how this works?"

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The Blacklist




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