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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love

The team's gone through Frank's materials to figure out why The Judge supports Rifkin, which as usual has yielded exactly one clue: The timelines don't match up, in that a stateside journey from Andrews AFB to a holding facility in Alexandria should have taken two hours less than it did. During the trial, the US Marshal on transport said it arrived on schedule, and a forged event log supported that testimony. So if Rifkin did get beaten into confessing, it would have happened then. Liz heads out into the snow to question the US Marshall, William Munson, to see why he lied or what happened.


Liz: "Can we get in your car? I'm freezing my balls off here and I really need to be on my A-game if I'm going to get you to fully sell yourself out like this."
Munson: "Okay but can I just say up front that I told Amnesty Collective about those forged event logs?"
Liz: "...Wait. Okay cool. Back up though. You were there with Cooper at Andrews..."
Munson: "Me, Cooper and the prosecutor, Tom Connolly. He met us on the tarmac, hollering about the Rifkin evidence and how he couldn't convict, and he couldn't ruin his burgeoning career over a high-profile case..."
Liz: "He sounds like a peach."
Munson: "He's the worst. Anyway, he told Cooper to beat the shit out of Rifkin, and I guess that's what he did. I changed the timelines and got a doctor to come to Rifkin's cell instead of sending him to the infirmary. I mean, they said he was betraying our country so I was like whatever, but now that he's getting executed today it's like, Maybe we should have done things by the book."


Cooper: "Hi Tom. I'm getting a little nervous about all this."
Connelly: "Hi Cooper, nice to see you. I'm oily as hell."
Cooper: "You remember that time we beat a confession out of Alan Ray Rifkin?"
Connelly: "Yeah, it was awesome."
Cooper: "Okay well I think maybe we are going to be murdered. Or at least kidnapped."
Connelly: "Maybe, but probably not. I think you are talking about an urban myth."
Cooper: "I feel like you're being blasé about this."
Connelly: "After fifty years of being a rich white man in government, I kind of feel invulnerable. Consequences are for other people, you know what I mean?"
Cooper: "Kind of but not entirely. Okay, see you at that execution later."

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