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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love

They laugh, they talk, they gossip, they drink with purpose, they make their way to a men's room and commence making out pretty hardcore, until a little boy wanders in there and they jump apart, laughing. Tom has a crisis of conscience and sobers up real quick. Jolene shoots him the angry Crazy Eyes, then the sad Crazy Eyes, then she angrily busts a move... then she immediately comes back into the bathroom to slip her keycard into his shirt, because she is in it to win it.

I ask you who among us would do this any differently. You can't let the brass ring of Tom Keen go around as many times as she already has without committing to at least one solid lunge. Worst thing that could happen, you end up on your face, but guess what: Going after a married guy means you already are. So I say you double down, and then you better double down again: Happiness is a warm nihilism.


Frank and Ruth take a crockpot through the snowy yard to her barn, which used to house horses but of course now houses the weeping men of misused authority. It's pretty solid actually; all hardwoods and surfaces. They look like tiny saunas. You could do worse. I mean, you could do better, but you could do worse for sure.

Ruth: "That fucking FBI. And now you're worthless too. Well, I just called your substitutes to nap Connolly and Cooper if the execution goes down. My question is, how did they find you? And what the hell am I supposed to do with you now? I hope you like being an invisible janitor on a people-farm, because you got burnt."
Frank: "I want to say Hastings, but all I'm hearing is that he is butt-crazy and mute."
Ruth: "Frank, stop looking at these people with compassion immediately. You were in jail for twenty years because of their bullshit. Just like my father lost thirty years of his life, if you were wondering vaguely why I'm like this."
Frank: "I feel like they're going to find us and this is all rapidly going to hell."
Ruth: "So be it, baby. But I'm not going to stop being a crazy Batman villain until then."

A grimy prisoner grits out, "Goodnight, Mother!" in a creepy way where you can tell he doesn't really mean it, but also that they are all brainwashed and she is basically the leader of a cult and she doesn't even know it.


Ressler and Meera explain things, Liz asks questions about the things, Aram restates obvious things that have already just been explained. The only thing that differs from the norm here is Cooper staring down from the catwalk, trying to figure a way to get everybody out of this one without getting kidnapped to Cracker Barrel or owing Red Reddington anything. Spoiler alert, both of those things are happening for sure.

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The Blacklist




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