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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love
Liz: "Then maybe we should treat this as if it is real, since it's real."
Cooper: "I prefer to be in denial because of reasons!"

Actually the reasons are valid and pretty great, but they don't come across until the end of the episode. Suffice to say he's clamming up here not because he's hiding anything personally, but just the situation is complicated -- and even saying "it's complicated" is not something Cooper can do, so honestly his only option is to just sit around and hope he won't get kidnapped to Cracker Barrel before they find this Judge.


Rifkin: "I'm sassy because I have nothing to lose!"
Dianne Weist: "I'm obviously The Judge, but that's going to be clear momentarily. For now I will just say I'm Ruth Kipling, an Amnesty volunteer."

They call it "Amnesty Collective," which somehow makes it seem even fruitier than what they're going for. I love it when TV shows go to this place, like, any animal activist that ever lived has blown up at least three research facilities and thrown blood at a celebrity. Every member of Occupy Wall Street is secretly a rapist in a Bane mask that is also a hacker. Any Amnesty volunteer you see has been probably driven crazy by compassion into kidnapping people to Cracker Barrel.

Liz: "I don't know how many ways you need me to say this, but I am not here in a way that is going to help you. It's not about your guilt or innocence, that is not my job. But please don't ask me what my job is, because it's spy."
Ruth: "I'm a spiritual advisor, a thing Death Row inmates need even more than most."
Rifkin: "I just say fuck you. Whatever is going on here, fuck it."
Liz: "Did you ask The Judge to kidnap my boss to a Cracker Barrel?"
Rifkin: "Not in so many words."
Ruth: "I think that The Judge is not a real thing! It is a fantasy and you should scram before he says something crazy."
Liz: "I actually don't feel like it'll be too long until that happens..."
Rifkin: "Yo I was beaten into confessing by FBI Agent Harold Cooper, under the orders of Assistant US Attorney Thomas Connolly."
Liz: "There it is."


Tom: "Nothing, just moping at the bar because my wife is a real person. You?"
Jolene: "I am here to get tore up. You will be joining me."

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