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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love
Ressler: "And he just happens to live down in this pitch-black boiler room like a murderer would, in the basement of this book depository? I feel like there's a story here."
Old Lady: "I am super weird apparently, but we're not going to get into it."

Ressler heads on in there to ask Frank about some stuff, and it's dark and Liz says Ressler's name like a million times and then before you know it, Frank has conked Ressler on the head and vanished. Moves quick for an old creepy man!

Later, after somebody has gotten Ressler an Italian ice for his hurt feelings, the FBI goes through all of Frank's shit. There is a fabulous note -- "DEMAND FOR JUSTICE GRANTED" -- and all the things that you would generally expect to find in the spooky warren of a prison-crazy book loaner and Judge devotee. They even find a file folder all about what seems to be next: A death sentence case named Alan Ray Rifkin.

Rifkin was an American college student who dropped out to join the Army and ended up in Afghanistan. In 2003 he was convicted as an enemy combatant, Taliban, and his execution is scheduled for tomorrow. The story is that Rifkin and a few dozen Taliban fighters destroyed an Afghan village. His lawyers said it was friendly fire and the American military blew it from the air on accident, but the military denied the whole thing.

Aram: "You know what's interesting though is that the investigating officer, the Senior FBI Agent in Afghanistan at the time, was our boss Harold Cooper."
Liz: "I hope he doesn't get kidnapped to a Cracker Barrel! Let's ask him about it."


Cooper: "OMG you guys it's like, not even okay for you to ask me about this."
Liz: "I am taken aback by your vehemence."
Cooper: "Okay but think about it. Red Reddington tells you about The Judge and then I just happen to be the next person on the hit list?"
Liz: "May I remind you that Red is never wrong about anything, ever?"
Cooper: "The Federal Prosecutor on that case was Tom Connolly, a douchebag with a sterling reputation. Rifkin admitted to treason..."
Liz: "Girl this is not about if you are a good person! This is about if The Judge is going to come kidnap you. Please calm down and be cool."
Cooper: "I will not. Also, did I mention we're both going to witness Rifkin's execution? So probably that's where The Judge will kidnap us, if it goes down."

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The Blacklist




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