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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love

So the question becomes -- like Internal Affairs on a cop show; like superior officers in a military show; like JAG or whatever; what happens in the halls of power stays in the halls of power -- not what Red or the Blacklisters do with their shadow powers, but what we do about glitches and gaps in the system of how things are supposed to work. The loopholes that we have to close, and what happens when the word comes down from the top that we're not allowed to do that. The people who stand outside the circle of power and decide once and for all what is okay. Very not Red's agenda, and therefore a fascinating thing to put up alongside Red's agenda.

And now that Diane's gone, that means it has to be about Cooper, because he's the biggest boss of the show: If he is a righteous man, that's interesting in one way because it means he went outside the boundaries for righteous reasons that maybe balance out. But if he's in danger for crimes he should not have committed, that's a very different story we're telling: Pursued deeply enough, it would justify everything Red has ever done. It would mean that -- in the universe of the show -- there is nothing but chaos. And Liz would not survive that, which means Cooper's going to end up okay.

(The funny part about that, to me, is how this exact same question played out on Dollhouse -- with the same actor -- and the way that resolved itself also shored up the universe of the show, in a very different way.)

Anyway. Aram's theory is that this Mark Hastings kidnapping wasn't about the Reynoso thing but about a different case around the same time: A man named Leonard Debs who was sentenced to 14 years for armed robbery when he was 28. Hastings covered up a witness at the time, and eventually Debs went free after all but two years of his sentence. If this is The Judge, that means he took away twelve years of Hastings's life for screwing up twelve years of Debs's life, for whatever reason. They name several others, all missing still, and then name their suspect for the book depository liaison: Convicted killer Frank Gordon, who now works for the prison-literacy project out of Monroe.


Old Lady: "Frank's been with us for six years, since his conviction got reversed. He doesn't deal with prisoners directly, but his job is fulfilling their requests, so."

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