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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love
Jolene: "I love talking to you directly in your face about men cheating on their wives like I always do, regardless of what city we're in."
Tom: "I have some cream cheese on my lip from this continental breakfast! I am so Tom Keen, it's adorable."
Jolene: "Get a load of my Crazy Eyes some more at this continental breakfast."

They have a fight with some other teachers about whether or not students should be reading Lolita, because just like every other dumb person who hasn't read that book they think they know what that book's about. Then they turn to chisme about the love lives of their peers, specifically cheating on spouses, because that is the one thing that Jolene likes to talk about. Another thing Tom thinks is very cool about her.


Red: "Lizzy, look at this paper about the finding of this man. And then I will give you a long, weird speech."
Liz: "What if you just told me what you want to tell me instead of..."
Red: "-- No! Long weird speech!"

Mark Hastings is a US Attorney from Maryland who, twelve years ago, indicted the head of the Reynoso Cartel and went missing. But if it was a retribution killing, why is he still around? In body, if not in spirit.

Red: "Because who had him captive was not the Reynoso Cartel, but a mythical figure."
Liz: "I dare you to go on."
Red, verbatim: "Every culture has a justice myth, an avenging angel who exacts retribution for the weak and innocent. Golem for the Jews, Tu Po for the Chinese. The Ancient Greeks had Adrestia, the Goddess of Revenge. And we have The Judge."
Liz: "'We' meaning whom?"

As Red explains the myth of The Judge, we see it play out in realtime: When your appeals are all done with but you know you're actually innocent, you pass a note through the helpful grapevines of jail begging for one last try. He gets the info at specifically a book depository at the Federal Penitentiary in Monroe, Virginia, and then decides whether or not you get justice. (As defined by The Judge.)

Liz: "I feel like we are going to go to this depository and they're going to be like, This building has been abandoned for over forty years."
Red: "But maybe not. If The Judge is real, you get an eye for an eye."
Liz: "It seems like The Judge is less about justice and more about revenge."

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The Blacklist




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