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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love

Tom messes with his wedding ring in the hotel bar, and finally heads upstairs to be sad and make more messes. Meanwhile, Jolene's crazed eyes open like she is a vampire with ESP powers that knows he is in her thrall, and she levitates off the bed in a decidedly spooky and horny fashion. He goes down her hallway looking totally normal, and she undulates and acts super weird/magic, like she is summoning him to her through sorcery.

The first victim zombie Hastings learns to read with his family all around him, becoming a person again. I hope that he learned his lesson!

They take Ruth to jail and all the women lay palm fronds and smiles and flower petals at her feet, because she is their queen. I loved that part, it was so neat and eerie and scary and beautiful.

Back in Jolene's hotel room, she is doing vampire sex dances at herself in the mirror because she is the creepiest person who has ever lived, and before he even keycards in there she is like, "I feel your presence!" and then she floats across the room on a magical cloud of sexy death and kisses him for a minute but then he tells her to get lost because he is no kind of cheater, he just wanted to give her keycard back. That is when things get even more amazing than the previous vampire-witch behaviors.

Tom: "Why I came here is to tell you I can't come here."
Jolene: (Same sequence of angry Crazy Eyes, sad Crazy Eyes, hurt Crazy eyes, super crazy Crazy Eyes.)
Tom: "I know but sorry, because I love my wife."
Jolene: "Wrong answer, fucko. Elizabeth Keen is not your wife, she's your target."

Tom turns, offering a sequence of Crazy Eyes of his own. First, disturbed and grumpy because this lady is so thirsty, and then confused baby deer eyes of confusion, and then radically different Tom eyes of a Tom we have never met but could easily be a serial killer or government agent. YES.

Tom: "What? Fuck you. Did they send you? Those jerks, really? This whole thing was what, a test? You're testing me right now?"
Jolene: "Go on, dude."
Tom: "I told you that I was in love with her, because that is exactly what I am supposed to be. That is my job."

His intensity is a whole new Tom flavor and it is delicious. I think probably he is not evil, he is a spy who got in over his head and fell in love with the person for real, and so he's been under pressure this whole time of having to both retain his cover and also try to protect the person that is his mission, because he loves her. Which means it will all be okay and we will never lose Tom, just get more and more Tom that we didn't know about.

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The Blacklist




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