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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love
Liz: "Right thing, wrong way. Not all expediency is automatically evil, and besides, you did your time. If there's nothing to be gained by justice then it's just revenge."
Cooper: "Sometimes I feel like we have a lot in common, just generally. Sometimes I feel like I'm teaching you to become me, or fighting Red to see who gets to be your dad. But occasionally, it's like you're here to remind me of who I actually am. Usually in the fifth act."


Cooper: "I am so mad at you for saving me!"
Red: "Why whatever do you mean."
Cooper: "You just randomly gave us The Judge and then I just coincidentally..."
Red: "If you're saying I wanted leverage, I'm not gonna lie. That's always been obvious and it will always be a factor. But I'm going to be honest with you, so pay attention."

"Harold, a war is coming. I believe the incursion of this facility and the rather sudden disappearance of Diane Fowler were just the beginning, and I'm certain that things will get considerably worse before they get better. I do want your help, but not now. Later. And when I do, I hope you'll remember what happened today."

Cooper: "Ugh, fine! But I'm not gonna thank you."
Red: "That's fine. Can you do me one solid though? Can you fix Admiral Richard Abraham's life? I kind of broke it."
Cooper: "Dude, even I can tell that this is you being awesome in some way. Consider it done. But never forget that also I hate you!"
Red: "No, you totally love me."
Cooper: "Just get out of my office please!"


Red meets with the Cowboy again and they look at a USB thing he found in Jolene's house, which is pictures of everybody in Red's life such as Red and Lizzy. Those are, of course, the headliners. There's also Grey, Dembe, Luli. All the hits. Red's like, "Actually, let's see what happens. Maybe she's finishing an operation and we should see how it plays out." I feel like what he is really saying is, "Maybe she will kill Tom Keen and I won't have to, but either way I am glad to know we can break into her house whenever."


The cover of "Jolene" we all knew was coming finally starts playing, which means two things: Tom is going to fall one way or the other, and there's going to be a classic Blacklist montage of everything getting sorted out:

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The Blacklist




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