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So let's talk about Ruth Suzanne Kipling: Single, 62, attended Vassar College (LOL), cofounder of the Amnesty Collective, a prison-specific nonprofit. Liz connects that group to the Marshal, which is how Kipling got the last bit of damning evidence she needed to make her judgment, and... Oh, there's her address. Problem solved!

This happens also in nearly every episode -- the Samaritan's house with his mom, even that cyberpunk club lady with the Courier -- that you just find the address and go there and that's where the shit is going down. But that only makes me laugh a little, because it's actually realistic: The connecting part is figuring out who the person is in real life, which is why Red blew up his old house and lives on a plane or in various luxury squats.


The gooble-gobbling continues as Frank and some droogs strap Cooper into a hideous and frightening, homemade electric chair. There's a loud generator that sounds like a chainsaw, totally scary, but not as scary as the wire-hanger halo that hangs above the chair. They put his feet in a big wooden pasture bucket full of water, and things are looking pretty darn scary for Harold, when the SWAT team shows up and Ruth starts getting a Waco look in her eyes, but then Red calls Liz and Liz calls Ressler and then tells Ruth they have a fascinated visitor that wants to come talk her down.

Red: "So I am here with some interesting information. Nice to see you shitting yourself, Harold Cooper, but cheer up! I am about to laugh in this crazy woman's face for being addicted to revenge, in a sly way of undermining her before I really get to it."

Turns out he's sympathetic, in a way that maps the show pretty decently, to her whole Knight Templar thing she's got going on. Problem is, this particular case breaks her ethics in half, because there's shit nobody knows except Cooper, and because of his particular code and oaths, he can't tell her either.

Red: "In the spirit of full disclosure, it's a felony for me to have this, and for you to see it, but let's breeze past that. Turns out there was a Black Hawk over Guldara that day, but they were there to pull an asset who'd gotten compromised. Rifkin's Taliban pals heard about it and went in to kidnap the spy, but he or she was gone by the time they got there. Instead of going back to their caves or whatever, they threw a tantrum that destroyed all the people in the village, and since the Pentagon didn't want to further compromise the asset or set off a war, they covered everything up."

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