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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love
Dudes: "Who even elected you the boss of us, though? Like you've got a hotline to America herself that only you can..."
Ruth: "Shut up! How do you plead?"
Dudes: "Not guilty. Meaning fuck you."
Ruth: "Wrong! You are guilty! I sentence you to some very rural justice in a minute!"
Unwatched Watchmen: "One of us! One of us!"


Red runs up to Richard Abraham, a very decorated Admiral in the twilight of his career thanks to his association with Red before everything went to hell. They were roommates in the Naval Academy, which means that on this show that is entirely about people Red used to be friends with, we might have reached Friend Zero. Richard's in no mood for Red's vulpine nonsense, and they have this entire conversation just in the middle of some stairs with everybody around, Red in his pimp cocktail-hour outfit and Abraham in uniform.

Red: "I wish I saw you more often but I never go to class reunions, due to being the FBI's Most Wanted."
Richard: "Red, not today. Did you know my wife left me because of you? I got sidelined in my career because of gossip that we all facilitated your treason. You leave a shadow."
Red: "Did you know my wife and daughter were murdered? I think I got the raw end of that fuckin' deal. But sorry about your divorce."

Rifkin's story is that a Black Hawk killed all the civilians, but CENTCOM disavows that Black Hawk entirely. The Admiral was in Kabul at that time, so he would have known about any choppers in the sky overhead. The Admiral is not listening, because he is still resentful of Red's sad story, so then Red explains that the people who need this info can totally help him out and get him back on track.

It's always so surprising when Red's eyes clear and you can see him being authentic. I mean, not that he's ever lying, just times when he says, I can help you fix this and what he means is, I'm sorry I broke it. The very Red Reddington idea that destruction, in enough quantity, might finally redeem him.


Liz climbs right up the ass of our catatonic first vic, getting no response, until his beleaguered wife finally tells her to GTFO and turns off the lamp. This triggers something in his head and he says, "Good night, Mother." Which to his wife is just another sad thing about her broken, confused husband, but to Liz is the one clue that Red always randomly gives her without knowing it.

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The Blacklist




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