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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love
Liz: "Oh, uh, he beat a confession out of him."
Red: "Bummer! Are you sure?"
Liz: "Yeah he told me so."
Red: "For no reason except that it's a plotpoint and I do this out of nowhere in every episode, you need to think about Hastings, that first guy we haven't gone back to yet."
Liz: "How come?"
Red: "Because he's going to say or do something while you're investigating that is going to spark some intuitive process in your head that leads you directly to The Judge."
Liz: "Okay then why can't you just tell me that part?"
Red: "That is not how this show works. I am just the first domino. I say something completely random and that leads you to solving the case in a howlingly coincidental fashion. That's what we do."
Liz: "But I mean she is going to kill Cooper! Eye for an eye!"
Red: "Just shut up and do the random thing I'm telling you to do already, Lizzy!"

He hangs up on her, trusting her to be a magic wizard like every week based on no information of any kind, but meanwhile he is still the first domino: He tells Dembe to turn the plane around, because in fact he knows secondary things about the Rifkin case that are actually going to be what solves this crisis. We don't know that yet, but kind of don't we?


The inmates of the Cracker Barrel like to clunk on the walls very loudly and rhythmically, which is just genius how it works in the scene, which is like something out of a Hobbit movie or like at the end of Freaks. She's got Connelly and Cooper all tied up and is still into tormenting them. Mostly by being annoying, or what she thinks of as righteous, declaiming various things like the sheer power of her words is going to cause them to self-explode of guilt.

Unwatched Watchmen: "Gooble gobble! Gooble gobble!"
Ruth: "You dicks. Alan Ray Rifkin is a woman's son! A woman's husband! A father, a brother! A good man! All of those things!"
Dudes: "Uh, he had every shot at proving his innocence."
Ruth: "To whom? To you?"
Dudes: "No, like, to the justice system? You know, like how this is America?"
Unwatched Watchmen: "Gooble gobble! Gooble gobble!"
Ruth: "You jerks framed him in the first place! A bunch of kangaroos, that's what you are. If you did your job right I wouldn't have to do mine!"

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The Blacklist




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