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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love


While they're strapping Rifkin down and taping him up and murdering him, Liz fails at getting anything done to stop it. Who is in there is, Rifkin and Ruth, and Connelly and Cooper. The last thing she says to them is, "Even God won't forgive you for this." The last thing Rifkin says to her is, "Good night, mother."

On the way out, Cooper is adorably coy with Connelly about Liz, the Post Office, his actual FBI job, and also his secret weapon. He half-grins and stares at the ceiling and almost whistles, it's amazing.

Connelly: "I mean, who cares though. We did the right thing."
Cooper: "True. But we did it the wrong way and that makes me feel less jovial."
Connelly: "Whatever you're doing, or how you're doing it, when I'm the Attorney General you're going to be the Director of the FBI. And then you have to tell me your secret weapon."
Cooper: "Okay, but not until then... Oh, we're about to get kidnapped to a Cracker Barrel. Shit."

They are. Vans drives up to grab them just as Cooper's going into FBI Agent mode, discovering the dead drivers and trying to get between Connelly and the various kidnappers. But it's too late! They are nicked.


It's so quaint, all wood paneling and American flags and Ruth's long hair like a farmer lady. She smashes Cooper around the face, like a boss, and they have words about whether or not Rifkin confessed properly to being a terrorist, but you can tell she's not interested in semantics. She is into justice, or what she thinks of as justice, because of some vague thing having to do with her dad that we are never actually going to know what it is.

Just like how Red can say "Paris 1997, a bottle of 1983 Petrus and six limber art students" and you're like, "Okay, tell me about that some other time but I get the gist," so it is with the unfairness of whatever happened to Mr. Kipling thirty years before whatever else happened that caused his daughter to go crazy and become a mythical figure of America.


Red spends the middle part of this episode on a plane, just vrooming around from who knows where to who knows where, doing his Red thing and languidly solving kidnappings.

Liz: "So Cooper got kidnapped..."
Red: "Oh no! By whom, Lizzy."
Liz: "Uh, by The Judge. Because of Alan Ray Rifkin."
Red: "What on Earth? What does that have to do with Harold Cooper?"

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The Blacklist




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