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To Mr. Goodbar, With Love
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Tom Keen went to a teacher's conference early because he takes Liz's priorities as a personal attack; his new BFF Jolene has been tracking Red for some time, for reasons unknown. Red refused to go back to the Post Office, until Diane Fowler was dead, but her shadowy faction is still massing against him for what we're being told is a coming war.


A hobo with a paper sack is walking through the howling wind. Whatever happened to him, it was bad and seemed to go on for a fair amount of time. A trucker honks at him, which is friendly but not that helpful; soon enough a civilian stops to render aid.

Dude: "Bro you look like you're going down in flames. Can I help you?"
Zombie: "No because I am a zombie that is just walking."
Dude: "You dropped your sack with all your stuff in it. Hey, this says you're an AUSA."
Zombie: "I don't know what words mean."


A nice cop escorts a tetchy lady into an ER bay, where the man is shivering and in a million pieces.

Cop: "Apparently he has been experiencing severe trauma for twelve years and now he is totally out of it."
Wife: "I'm just glad he's okay!"
Zombie: "That is an overstatement."
Wife: "Where have you been for twelve years?"
Zombie: "Clearly someplace great."


Red Reddington smirks his way through the snow, looking glamorous in a fur collar, and gets into a car with a black cowboy played by Lance Reddick. Red is very giggly today.

Red: "I love your car! I have memories of Cadillacs."
Cowboy: "I am no-nonsense. Give me a picture of your person you're investigating."
Red: "She's Lucy something but she is now going by Jolene Parker. I hate her. What I do not hate, though, is your hat."
Cowboy: "I will find this girl just like I found you once on a sheep farm outside of Dingle."
Red: "I can't believe you just said that to me. Listen, I know where she is right now because she's in Orlando with my Lizzy's dumb husband. I want to know where she has been. I think maybe she has been spying on me forever."
Cowboy: "I am so intense it is unbelievable."


Tom: "I love how you're so sassy! And how you got the Crazy Eyes."

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