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The Good Samaritan Killer

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Now That My Role Model Is Gone
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With the help of a mole, a powerful backer (Fitch) and several outside players, Anslo Garrick kidnapped Red, tortured him, and eventually died at Red's hands after killing his henchwoman Luli and threatening Liz's safety. Now Red's vanished and out for payback, and the Post Office is in an uproar trying to find both Lizzy's pet sociopath and whoever the Mole is.

Of the people I have been confused about, we have: This Alan Alda man, Fitch, whose organization will be exposed if Red dies. He arranged the raid to make sure they're still good, and when he later interrogated Diane Fowler -- mentioning he'd be testifying before Congress -- she refused to talk about Red or anything else, knowing the FBI had been compromised. Also, that guy Grey has been around the whole time -- most notably, that time Tom Keen accidentally had a job interview with a man that wasn't there -- but I'm ashamed to say that Red has so many people, I forgot one of them.


Is a Chuck E. Cheese kind of place, where a serial killer can be a serial killer. Karen drops her kid Michael off at a birthday party; he seems distracted and she seems distant, if affectionate. Frank Whaley, who is wonderful, appears at her side with a cup of punch that she should not drink! But she does. Next thing you know she's out cold in the parking lot. I have never done that, in a Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. So that's something at least.


Karen wakes up strapped to a table with some nice soothing classic music playing, and the punch-giving man, whose name is Karl, does some serial killer activities.

Karl: "It would seem you have been given some phenobarbital!"
Karen: "Am I going to be okay?"
Karl: "No! Well, probably not. My thing is that I am going to torture you almost to death, but then call 9-1-1 and then I guess we'll see."

He explains that he is going to puncture her lung, and does a very cute cough-cough move to demonstrate what will happen there. Then, he explains, he is going break her collarbone, and then probably some other stuff we won't see. He pops her lung and indeed she does start coughing blood, and then he breaks her collarbone. Now she has two problems.

At this point, it seems like Karl has the usual drama-queen serial killer thing going on where everything has to be precisely one way, like he saw a Kim Novak movie where her lung got punctured and she broke a collarbone, and he got his first boner. That is a pretty good guess! But it is not FBI-level profiling, because his actual deal is weirder and cooler than that.

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The Blacklist




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