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At this point, Isabella Rossellini looks like I did after watching that video about anchovy sex she made. THERE ARE THINGS I CAN’T UN-SEE, ROSSELLINI. In her panic, Campo reveals that she knows who Reddington is and the jig is up… just as she passes out. Turns out, Reddington has an antidote but he’s not giving it up unless Campo admits she’s a no good, dirty smuggler. That’ll be hard for her to do, what with the dying, so Keen tries to perform an emergency tracheotomy with a pen. "What is it about you with hotel rooms and pens and people’s necks?" Reddington wonders as Campo gives up the ghost.

So Keen’s all bummed out about getting suckered by Campo and being too late with antidote, but she needn’t fret about that second thing, because Reddington didn’t actually have any anti-dote with him. That is cold-blooded, friends. Anyhow, enough about Campo running a cartel and the FBI rescuing a shipment of girls that Campo was trafficking and that whole MURDER that Keen and company helped facilitate. Let’s talk about Keen’s home life, specifically, what she’s going to do about her sudden knowledge that her husband isn’t all that he seems. "Either you turn him or confront him," Reddington concludes. “Or perhaps there’s a third option.”

That third option, by the way, is a musical montage in which Keen sticks the box full of passports back where she found it, replaces the floorboards, puts down some new carpet, and makes like she never saw a thing. Other things that happen in that montage: husband Tom wakes up from his coma and gets released from the hospital, Ressler happens to notice that Dembe is adorned with the same scar that Campo’s cartel branded on its other victims, and Reddington has an uncanny ability to predict newspaper headlines about Campo’s untimely demise. Oh, and Keen discovers an envelope that someone, probably Reddington, slipped in the pocket of the pants her husband was wearing when he was attacked. It’s labeled "Background Profile: Elizabeth Keen," and it features a thumb drive.

On that thumb drive is Tom Keen talking all lovingly about what a great mother his wife will be to someone from an adoption agency. Keen gets all teary-eyed: her husband may be a mysterious fraud with a secret past he has yet to reveal to her, but he’s her mysterious fraud, damnit.

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