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It's So Hard To Hire Good Help These Days

We’re at the fundraiser and a freed sex slave is bringing the mood down about how she escaped from the villainous cartel that’s likely out to assassinate Floriana Campo and how that cartel branded her and whatnot. Keen and Ressler and the rest are keeping their eyes peeled for The Freelancer. Reddington seems to be more interested in the trays of canapés. (Hey, scenery, while chewy, doesn’t really fill you up). There's a particularly twitchy waiter serving flutes of champagne that eventually catches Reddington’s eye. Notice how he’s looking at Craigslist ads for additional part-time work…it can only be The Freelancer! There’s a lot of commotion and a chase ensues, with Ressler pursuing The Freelancer on foot and Keen eventually apprehending him by running him over with a cab she’s commandeered. Ah yes, the old Run the Guy Over With a Cab gambit. That’s Policing 101, people!

In the bowels of some hotel in midtown Manhattan, The Freelancer is being uncooperative with Ressler’s line of questioning. Compound fractures do tend to make a guy less than talkative. The Freelancer will not be responding to any of your queries about any cartels that may or may not be trying to wax Floriana Campo, who Keen is currently moving to a secured hotel room. Agent Malik decides to speed up the interrogation by taking The Freelancer’s fractured leg and bending it like Beckham, if you catch my drift. As it turns out, the hiring agent for this particular freelance assignment was… Raymond Reddington. Well, at least everybody knows everybody, right?

While Ressler explains to Keen via phone call how Reddington set up this whole business, Reddington has let himself into Campo’s hotel room. She’s not as shocked to seem him as you might imagine. "This is because of you," Campo hisses at Reddington, adding, "The threats, the FBI." He corrects her, "The FBI works for me now." So it appears the Freelancer has become the Freelancee. (I… have no idea what that means either).

As it turns out -- for someone who claims to fight traffickers -- Campo has been doing an awful lot of trafficking herself, and she apparently once tried to bring Reddington in on the business. He turned her down, though, because he doesn’t much care for her, what with that whole pretending to be a humanitarian act she’s been putting on. Keen has arrived by this point, fully aware that Reddington was the one who hired the Freelancer. "What’s the headline going to read?" she demands. "Humanitarian Exposed as Fraud Commits Suicide," Reddington says. (It’s no "Headless Body Found in Topless Bar," honestly). At any rate, Campo probably shouldn’t have had any of that champagne at the fundraiser, as someone slipped her a lethal dose of the same barbiturate she’s been using to drug the girls she traffics in her sex ring operation.

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The Blacklist




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