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At any rate, this contact has not shown up, and Reddington excuses himself sending Ressler -- safely ensconced in le van banalisé outside the restaurant -- into a blind panic. Reddington exits through the kitchen, pulling the fire alarm on his way out of the joint to create that extra layer of confusion. And Ressler roughs up the guy he suspects is Reddington’s contact. Turns out it’s just the Sommelier, and whatever it was that Reddington slipped him was just an extra c-note for a good bottle of vino. Monsieur, your strong-arm tactics will not pair well with this Bordeaux!

Later, Ressler is in the process of reading Keen the riot act for letting Reddington slip away. One suspects that the riot act is Ressler’s favorite nighttime reading. At any rate he needn’t have bothered: Reddington hasn’t escaped at all, but is merely waiting for them in the unmarked surveillance van. Turns out the contact was the first person Reddington and Keen ran into at the restaurant. (Never trust the coat-check attendant, everyone). Reddington left payment in his hat, and in exchange, his contact left a photo of the next victim: human rights activist Floriana Campo, though you might know her better as Isabella Rossellini.

Now, let us leave behind this city of poutine and bagels and Guy Lafleur for New York. It’s there that we meet Floriana Campo, who has been quite the crusader against human trafficking, which is probably why someone wants her dead. That or the series of nature films she made about animal mating rituals. I WILL NEVER LOOK AT ANCHOVIES THE SAME WAY WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT THE HORROR SHOW OF REPRODUCTION THANKS TO YOU, ROSSELLINI. Anyway, Campo’s not going to cancel her fundraiser, but she will let the FBI move around her event, if it helps disrupt The Freelancer’s nefarious plot to commit murder-for-hire without enjoying the benefits of being a full-time worker. Only one problem: no one knows what The Freelancer looks like. Well, except for Reddington. Sounds like someone’s about to do some horse-trading with the heretofore reticent-to-deal Justice Department.

Reddington’s demands are as follows: he gets a DARPA-tested, fully-encrypted tracking device implanted into his shoulder…just like you would for a pet that is harboring international secrets. He also gets two hand-picked members for a security detail: a South Sudanese freedom fighter named Dembe and Luli Zeng, an economics PhD who seems to handle Reddington’s finances and occasionally runs into a spot of trouble with the likes of the SEC and Interpol. In exchange, Justice wants their own person on Reddington’s security detail, a CIA agent named Margot Malik. Reddington is less than enthused about this addition to the group. "You took the CIA," Reddington tells Malik, adding, "Attractive but treacherous." Watching The Blacklist at home, Leon Panetta blushes. It’s off to the Campo fundraiser for this ragtag band. We’re all agreed we’re going to call them Agents of S.P.A.D.E.R., aren’t we? Good.

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The Blacklist




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