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Which is a fancy way of saying it derailed, killing 15 people and injuring dozens. (Sorry about quoting Soul Asylum: we all grieve in our own way). The FBI would like to know how Reddington knew what was going to happen, and the truth is, he didn’t other than the time and the place. "The train was a big surprise," he says. Particularly if you were a passenger, I’d say. Among the casualties was a councilwoman from Albany who’s apparently been rubbing people the wrong way. Reddington surmises this particular train wreck was intended specifically to make sure she made it to the big railway crossing in the sky. But if the FBI is expecting Reddington to do any more talking, it better be Elizabeth Keen who’s doing the questioning.

So the train accident was no accident, Reddington tells Keen and several dozen of her closest friends in the FBI. It was the work of a guy who goes around killing people in what looks like your run-of-the-mill tragedies that just happen to kill a bunch of civilians in the process. Reddington has heard through the grapevine that the killer’s next assignment is in New York, so it’s in the FBI’s best interest to put the pedal to the investigative metal. Oh, and the killer is known as The Freelancer, because The Part-Time Hire Who Works Off the Books For Tax Purposes looks less impressive on a business card. If the FBI wants to find The Freelancer, they’ll have to use Reddington who once laid eyes on the guy and also knows one of his intermediaries.

And you know what that means? Road trip! Just Reddington and Keen, hitting the road up to Montreal, with Ressler and a bunch of Mounties following at a safe, unobservable distance.

The dinner that Reddington and Keen go off to in order to meet this contact is awkward. Keen suspects that Reddington planted those passports featuring her husband and that gun which she discovered in the floorboards at the end of last week’s episode, and Reddington is enjoying the situation a little too much. "If anyone asks, you’re my girlfriend from Ann Arbor," Reddington tells Keen, who thinks that idea is terrible. "Then you can be my daughter," he says, perhaps a bit too pointedly.

While we’re waiting for the contact to show up, Reddington wants Keen to tell him about this profiling business. Say, maybe she could profile him! Keen concludes that Reddington is a loner who keeps his distance and can travel freely through foreign lands. He’s as comfortable with a glass of scotch in a fancy Montreal restaurant as he is pitched up with a bunch of rebels in some far-off land. He has no close friends or tight bonds with anyone, and he’s very conflicted about his relationship with Keen. So… accurate? Just a little bit, if Reddington’s expression is anything to go by. "Tell me about your husband," Reddington says, adding, "Does he know you as well you know him?" Specifically, Reddington’s interested if Keen’s husband knows about her rather thorny childhood and just how she got that scar on her right hand. See, this is why I keep most dinnertime conversations to sports.

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