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Buying Young
Liz: "...You're saying these are the babies of criminals? Supervillains?"
Red: "Sure. Run the DNA again but look for relatives, not exact matches. And Lizzy? Adopting a baby is a big step. Maybe don't do that until you're not married to evil."
Liz: "Oh my God! My husband is not evil!"
Red: "Are you sure? Because I just checked my watch and it says it's 2014 and I've never once been wrong about anything whatsoever on this entire show, so..."
Liz: "-- Ugh! Later! Love you! ...I mean screw off you! I mean... Aw, you know what I mean."


Liz: "Just staring at random papers in my pitch dark office like usual, what's up?"
Ressler: "DNA."
Liz: "The results are in? Did we get a hit?"
Ressler: "We got a five, but it's real messed up. Five women, accounting for 12 of the 27 kids. Here are their pretty pictures."
Liz: "Criminals? Lady supervillains?"
Ressler: "No, stop it. They're all in the system because they're missing."
Liz: "...Hang on, putting it together... Oh. I think I'm gonna barf."

As Meera snags Cooper's FBI badge for her Mole Hunt, they run through the various abduction scenarios and cold cases of the ladies, but the endpoint is obvious and very, very horrible. Abducted originally as college students, they've been somewhere -- under the gun of the Old West, presumably -- all this time. Except for the one that got away, Kate Ellison, who's the one outlier of the narrative: She was spotted fighting back.


Has downloaded important memoranda with Cooper's credentials and is returning them when Cooper finds her in his office. She slips it back into his briefcase while they chat, and Cooper acts super sketchy the entire time.

Cooper: "Why are you in my office?"
Meera: "I wanted to ask you something. Red told Liz that someone in our unit provided the intruders with critical intel, and..."
Cooper: "Drop that like a hot tomato. Counterintelligence concluded that Grey acted alone."
Meera: "I am just feeling very suspicious of that. Although apparently not suspicious enough to not tell you exactly what is going on, like I just did."
Cooper: "You got any actionable intel to support this hunch? Didn't think so. Oh, and I hope your daughter feels better."

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The Blacklist




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