The Blacklist
The Cyprus Agency

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Buying Young
Liz: "Infants, especially internationally, that's a lot. Apparently. What is also apparent is that these children are lies! Every fact in them just leads to a nowhere place. Okay like, here's a kid born in Lithuania, right? Call Lithuania, they don't recall anything like that."
Cooper: "They are smart, the trails lead to facts we can't verify. The burden of proof!"
Liz: "I'm going to compare the superbabies to kidnapped regular babies."
Ressler: "I'm going to call Interpol and see if they know of any babies."
Liz: "I'm going to see if any of the two kinds of babies have DNA."

Liz: "Oh, and can I ask you something? It is personal but very, very dumb."
Meera: "Hey guys."
Cooper: "You look like shit and you're late!"
Meera: "Thanks for the micromanage, but uh, my daughter was sick or something."
Cooper: "I agreed to let you join this task force with the promise that family wouldn't be an issue! I don't mean to be a hard-ass but in this unit job comes first second and third! If it comes down to your kid dying and you coming in late to work, that kid better die and I don't want to see any crying! Babies are the opposite of industry, punctuality, freedom! This is why women make 77 cents on the dollar!"
Meera: "Jesus, dude. I get it. Starting to wish I'd just admitted to getting kidnapped."
Cooper: "Now, Liz. You had a question?"
Liz: "Nope. No I did not."


The PO goes around to every superbaby, stealing their DNA with cotton swabs and their souls through photography. Ressler is cute with kids, and Meera is like, "I get how hard this is, because I also have a daughter." Somewhere Cooper drives his nails into his palms and doesn't even know why.


Liz: "So anyway, I'm thinking of taking FMLA when I get this baby I shouldn't get."
Red: "When I respond to that you're going to storm off, so let's circle round. In the meantime, how is the Cyprus thing going?"
Liz: "Oh, I forgot we weren't here talking about me and my life. Right, um, the DNA of the superbabies doesn't match any missing kids."
Red: "You are so stupid! Not you, you're great. But the FBI and the police, you're so linear. Not every missing child is on a milk carton, Lizzy."

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The Blacklist




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