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Buying Young
Meera: "Yeah, no. I was authorized to start the bidding process, that's it. The order was handed to me by Cooper. Let me help you and we both win. Me, I win twice because I stay alive."
Red: "Why help me? You are not a fan. You are also like the most intense person."
Meera: "Colleagues of mine were killed by somebody on the inside. Let me figure out who did it."
Red: "But if the order was classified..."
Meera: "I can handle it."
Red: "...Is this a staring contest?"

It is. It's like the immovable object and the irresistible gentleman psycho. I'm glad this Meera thing turned out like this! It's the best flavor of Meera anyway, but especially because it means she won't die. There is no way Red could kill Meera and come off looking smooth. He doesn't love her, he doesn't hate her, he just tolerates her. So it would make him look pretty janky if he did it, which makes three positive things right there coming out of this meeting. Plus some pretty wildcard action items.


Ressler: "Warrant! I want all your files and computers!"
Mallory: "I am the CEO and founder, Owen Mallory, and I am okay with this."
Ressler: "You're not going to fight with me about this? Dammit."
Mallory: "Nope. If something went wrong with an adoption, it's either a mistake with paperwork or somebody overseas is doing me wrong. Either way, I want this cleared up. I am not running some puppy mill, these are real live human superbabies. Our reputation is everything."
Liz: "What about your pet shark man, Ted Caldwell?"
Mallory: "He is a good dude and a good lawyer. Good team."
Liz: "But you can't sell any more babies until we're done! Doesn't that make you want to hit somebody or run straight through a glass door? Nothing?"
Mallory: "Nope, I'm being totally reasonable. Sorry."

They don't tell him how good ol' Sharky got grid control, or the weird things he was screaming about before it went down. They are too mad that they can't chase anybody around, or yell at a rich person, or fire warning shots, or any of the stuff they love the most. Owen Mallory has gotten their goat! Animal Style!


Liz: "They brokered 27 adoptions just in the last three years?"
Cooper: "Is that a lot? You're saying it like it's a lot."

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The Blacklist




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