The Blacklist
The Cyprus Agency

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Buying Young
Liz: "Let's table that. What's the play?"
Red: "The play is, they are about to sell this superbaby right here."
Liz: "This baby is on the Blacklist? This show fucking rules."


Rolands: "Our baby is on the Blacklist? This is so fucked up."
Liz: "Yeah, he got kidnapped and now you are receiving stolen baby."
Rolands: "Do you mean we don't get a baby? Oh, um. I mean 'how sad for whoever.'"
Liz: "How do you guys feel about being involved in a sting operation on murderous baby traffickers? I mean, I'm guessing you don't have anything going on in the near future."
Rolands: "No, yeah. It was mostly going to be parenting, was the plan."


The Rolands meet with Ted Caldwell -- a terrifying lawyer for the company -- and let me tell you that, in addition to their kind of weird faces, they are also not the coolest customers. I mean, this is their first sting and they're having coffee with a shark that walks like a man, smiles like a reptile, plus obviously these dudes will murder you, so I get it. But maintain, Rolands! How you gonna deal with appendicitis if you can't even roll briefly with a shark-man.

Caldwell: "Are you bitches getting cold feet?"
Rolands: "No! We can't wait to have a superbaby from wherever without asking any questions. But can we ask you some questions?"

The PO team loiters directly outside their window, looking 100% like they are in the FBI listening to this conversation.

Liz: "These are not the coolest customers."
Ressler: "Let's see. My money's on the Rolandses."

Caldwell: "I know you are not questioning our ludicrous methods. We showed you charts and graphs. We showed you a graphic of a DNA. It twirled, Rolands."
Rolands: "But can you tell us more about the specific Estonian orphanage from which you legally acquired this precise baby that matches our weird specifications?"
Caldwell: "I don't sell broken goods, if that's what you're asking. It's just a baby. A super one."
Rolands: "Can we talk to somebody who might be able to give us more background on that orphanage?"
Caldwell: "Sure. I just have to abruptly leave the table for a second if that's okay."

As the team moves in, having gotten proof of Caldwell claiming that Estonia is a real place, Caldwell pulls out his shark phone and makes a shark call to the Fastest Gun In The West.

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The Blacklist




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