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Buying Young

It's like, I don't really want to adopt the baby of Tom's Evilness, because you can't send that back. It's not like Campbell Scott, or a rabbit you are allergic to. Some babies are forever. Red being Liz's dad: Super forever baby. You can never again wonder if he is her dad or why he is being so weird, because now you know: He is her weird dad. And how much of the fun of this show is wondering if Tom is evil or Red is her dad? I mean, if we're being honest? Most of it. Right?

Like I refuse to even imagine a day when the question is whether or not Liz and Ressler are going to fuck. That sounds like an honest to God nightmare. Just two angry headstrong incompetents, bounding around the room at each other like rams in spring, locking horns and forgetting basic things about how to do their jobs. That sounds like the kind of baby you want to send back. That baby is not so super.


Comes into a library where Red is camped out, like last week, in the absolute dark. He is rocking "Sundown" (the Gordon Lightfoot song about what will happen if you creep around his back stairs), dressed in a lovely white satin nightgown. It is a lady. A lady named Diane Fowler! The Mole is the most obvious person! Oh no!

Diane: "Are you kidding me with this shit? If you think Fitch, or any of his people, are going to let you get away with this you're more arrogant than I thought. We came into the Post Office to make a point. If you come after me..."

He points a gun at her, and she tells him to fuck off a bunch of times, but eventually he just shoots her in the stomach.

Diane: "Dude you totally just shot me!"
Red: "Yeah, because my agreement with Fitch is that we go about our business. You're not one of the good guys, you're now useless to the bad guys now that I know you..."
Diane: "I know about your family! Don't you want to know?"
Red: "...Hmm. More than anything in the world. But if you know the truth, Diane, then somebody else does too."

He shoots her a bajillion more times and then listens to Gordon Lightfoot a while ("I can see her lying back / in her satin dress / in a room where you do / what you don't confess") just staring out of yet another pitch-dark room. So long, Diane. At least you kept it tight.

Around other people's back stairs, there is also stuff happening. Liz sobs on her knees between the empty crib and empty stroller, face framed like the bars of a jail; somewhere else, Tom confides in Jolene. Eventually she makes him laugh.

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The Blacklist




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