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Owen Mallory is still chilling in that conference room with the guy -- Dr. Gideon Hadley -- when Liz and Ressler show up. Another guy, Nestor, shows up to be nervous at them.

Hadley: "I am freaking out also!"
Mallory: "If they had anything, they'd have sent a SWAT team. Nestor, go make them go away. Then we'll clean it up."
Nestor: "What if my charm doesn't work?"
Mallory: "Just be a go-getter on this for me, please."

Nestor: "He's not here. I thought he was, but he is not."
The PO: "Cool, we're just going to bust in anyway."
Nestor: "I thought I was going to fail, and then I failed. I set myself up."

He pulls a gun on them, and Ressler takes him down while Liz goes running through the clinic -- did I need to mention it is pitch-black in there? -- looking for Dr. Hadley. A short time later, Ressler has shot Hadley several times in the chest, and Liz is wandering around, eventually finding her way to a Restricted Area.


The good news is, they're not actually in cages, just beds. The bad news is, everything.

Liz gets grid control from an empty gurney, piloted by Dr. Mallory, and then immediately he takes her gun away and throws her over a gurney, then throws a pregnant lady on top of her -- like when you shove over a garbage can to deter people chasing you -- so he can get to her gun. Luckily Ressler shows up, and takes out his shootin' arm.

Liz: "Can you believe this shit with these pregnant ladies?"


Cooper: "22 victims! All alive, including Charlotte Patt..."
Liz: "But not Kate Ellison."
Cooper: "Hey, little soldier, don't you fret. You did a great job! You solved 24 missing persons cases all at once, you got the mothers of all 27 kids we..."

Hold up. First of all, still not about you. Secondly, the one you're complaining about? With your Messianic ass? Died at the beginning of the episode. The only thing that would have saved her is if Red Reddington had a time machine that he could go back a week earlier and tell you his cryptic nonsense about putting babies on the Blacklist. And even then, her death is what helped you solve the case anyway -- that and Perry's bizarre understanding of what "going dark" means, and that he somehow thought he had to go find another replacement like he is Igor. Don't jump to the martyrdom so fast every time, sometimes it makes you look silly.

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The Blacklist




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