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Buying Young

But this is not that, I'm not saying that it is. We get the ME talking about it, but there are no reenactments or flash-camera shots of her body or photos or anything. Just Liz looking real grossed out and Ressler looking really sad, and the ME clearly still processing how fucked up all of this is. They gave her folic acid and prenatals; her wasted body was still practically "perfect" for breeding. I don't even dare to imagine how Liz is going to make this about herself. We left "adoption nerves" behind a good while back.

Aram: "so I'm digging into Owen Mallory's life, and guess what? Weirdness. Undergrad degree at Harvard..."
Liz: "But it wasn't him? Or something?"
Aram: "Weirder. It was him, but he enrolled as Charles Lassiter, Jr. Doctored transcripts and applied as the only son of Charles and Jill Lassiter, Bethesda MD."
Ressler: "How do we arrest him for this? Is not being Charles Lassiter a crime perhaps?"


Jill: "Hang on, let me turn off every light in the house to make this conversation more spooky."
Liz: "This is going to be weird, but this guy's name is Owen Mallory. He attended Harvard claiming to be..."
Jill: "What's his name now?"
Liz: "Wait, you know him?"
Jill: "Yeah, he was our son. Kind of."
Charles: "We adopted him at seven, named Michael Shaw at that time."
Jill: "Sixteen months of hell. He had a thing called severe attachment disorder. After about a million therapists, and you're like, we got a dud. Then the self-harm started, and the doctors stepped in, and we were just like..."
Charles: "-- 'Fuck this.' It was a different time. You got rid of crazy back then."

Jill: "We thought having a child would save our marriage, but really all it did was wreck everybody's life. Sometimes when you think you are ready to be a parent, really you're just fooling yourself. You have no idea how selfish you are, until you find out."
Liz: "On the one hand, how sad for you. On the other hand, I just figured out how this is all about me again. Whew, that was close!"


Meera: "Okay, here it is. Directive for a mandatory security upgrade, signed on page 6."
Red: "Oh, so that's the Mole. Okay, how interesting that that person would be the Mole."
Meera: "I feel one way or another about it, depending on who the Mole is."

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