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(Even yikes-ier. You know who Galatea is? From the myth of Pygmalion that My Fair Lady is based on. The sculptor who fell in love with his sculpture. I'm telling you, this is infinity necklaces all the way. Dammit, The Blacklist. Just accept your excellence already.)

Anyway, Owen Mallory goes to this Galatea place and has a short sit-down with his compatriot, another trafficker of superwomen and superbabies, and while Owen is worried because of the FBI, the dude is just like, whatever.

Pygmalion: "Hey, what was going on the other day. We lost one?"
Mallory: "Yeah, Van Man said it was unavoidable but he took care of it."

A shallow grave, of course, which is right now being discovered by a man with a lovely dog he has named Flounder. I like to think this is because the man identifies strongly with Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Dog Man: "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my...? Actually it is not that neat, on closer inspection it's a dead girl in a shallow grave who was forced to give birth to hundreds of babies."


ME: "Kate Ellison was flagged, so I called you. Cause of death, single gunshot wound in front of a dying cop. But that's where it stops being banal."
Liz: "So Kate Ellison dies, and then a day or two later, replaced by a similar model. Kate was abducted at 20, and now she died a zombie at 23. So what was going on during those three years? If only we knew."
ME: "Whatever it was, it was not fun. She was atrophied all to hell..."

At this point he describes in a graphic manner exactly what was done to her, which, if that is what you are watching TV to hear about, I don't know. 'Caged and forced to give birth' is interesting in the abstract, but when you get down to the realness with it, I just tune out. I don't watch those shows. I saw one episode of Criminal Minds, one time, and I still think about it.

This seems like maybe a clich├ęd point to make, but, imagine getting a lecture from some old person about how the Saw movies suck and "torture porn" is so artistically vapid or whatever, but then that asshole goes home and watches some CBS show where dudes are turning people into living skin puppets and making them dance on hooks? I mean, grande guignol is one thing, I love me some Hannibal, but that's not really the point of that show, or any good show. When procedurals go to this place on TV, it usually feels more like that lonely lady in your office who really likes true-life books about A Child Called It and stuff like that. It just seems lazier; populist in a lowest-common-denominator way. I dunno, maybe it's personal, but I get a big red flag when the details start to seem so... gleeful.

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