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Red used the Post Office to get information on the Alchemist's clients: Villains who, for one reason or another, had reason to disappear forever. Meanwhile, through some pretty brutal means, he got his hands on the FBI Mole: None other than Meera Malik. Back at home, Liz's continued ambivalence -- even in the midst of their impending adoption -- may be pushing Tom into the arms of another spy, the crazy-eyed "Jolene."


A zombie lady! Wrapped in a sheet, wandering the streets for what seems like a while given her hygiene situation, bumping into strangers, mumbling about her missing baby like a crackhead La Llorona. Finally a shiny-hatted NYPD officer is forced to pay attention to her, but a man with a ridiculous horseshoe moustache runs up, claiming to be her brother.

Frankly I think it would be more believable if he said they were time-travelers from the Old West. Either way I question it, mainly because they make such a curious pair grooming-wise: Your Glasses and Tenenbaums and Binewskis, your families of prodigies, don't come around that often. Although if he is her brother, I would very much like to know what is going on with their parents.

Moustachio: "She has not been well. As you can plainly see."
NYPD: "And yet I would like to know more."
Moustachio: "Can I just shoot you real quick right here on the street?"

Then he apologizes to the lady softly before also plugging her. This is no way for a person's brother to act, in my opinion.


Clinging desperately to each other on the couch, the Keens look at creepy-as-hell pictures of their developing fetus inside the lady.

Liz: "Look how he has features! I love it."
Tom: "Yes. A baby with a face is preferable."
Liz: "Have you managed to figure out how the car seat goes into the stroller?"
Tom: "Rather than admitting my own incompetence, I will simply offer my idea that you, asking me if I am planning on accidentally killing our baby with common household items, are now officially a mother."
Liz: "Yeah, I wasn't trying to like, pressure you? It's more about confirming your operational awareness. You say that like learning the ropes of car seats is somehow further than you were expecting to go."
Tom: "The important thing is that you have decided to take FMLA leave. As the woman, that's your prerogative whether or not I have a job or will ever have a job."

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The Blacklist




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