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Burying the Lede
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It’s nighttime in the Keen household, and since the missus is immune to the pleasures of his tender smooches, Tom Keen decides to ask our Lizzie just what the matter is. She finally decides that now’s the time to quiz him on this Angel Station business, and I guess that’s a sore subject because he starts to choke her. Before you get excited, know that this is all a dream sequence—the second cheapest way to start your show, right after playing Sympathy for the Devil. Back outside the realm of Dreamland, the Keen marriage is as dreary as ever with Tom nattering on about the surrogate mother who’s apparently going to turn over her baby to them and Lizzie doing the “Well, my husband could well be an assassin, but I really want to be a mommy” dithering. At least the apple-eating gentleman monitoring the Keen household via closed-circuit television isn’t bored by all this. I hope that’s not the same apple he was chomping on two episodes ago.

Cut to out in the woods somewhere, where a dude in a creepy mask is fetching another tied-up dude from the back of an abandoned truck. Creepy Mask is videotaping the other dude, who is forced to introduce himself as Seth. (I like to think that this is Seth Green, and that Creepy Mask Dude is burying Seth alive because he, like the rest of us, has tuned into Dads at some point this fall. But I’m vengeful like that). In an ensuing struggle, Seth manages to stick a knife into Creepy Mask Dude, which doesn’t faze him so much as perceptibly annoy him. Just to show he doesn’t hold a grudge, Creepy Mask Dude leaves Seth with an oxygen tank before planting him in the cold, cold ground. Guess we have the Case of the Week for James Spader and his gang of intrepid crime busters.

That’s what Reddington seems to have concluded, at any rate. An Iranian is trying to obtain some piece of intelligence that Reddington would very much like to have instead, but someone named The Courier is involved—for the record, that’s Creepy Mask Guy’s nom de guerre. And since The Courier is not a cat to be tangled with lightly -- just ask poor Seth Green in the ground! -- Reddington decides to task his FBI chums with this particular job. That’s certainly more productive than what Keen and Ressler are currently involved, which appears to be squabbling about the necessity of FBI profilers. You will be shocked to learn that Ressler thinks profiling’s a lot of hooey. Well, good thing for Ressler that Keen’s prepared a profile of him. It’s a bit more involved than "insufferable dick" but that’s the upshot.

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