The Blacklist
The Alchemist

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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can
Jolene: "Well, know that at least one coworker, temporary though she may be, is more than willing enough to make an inappropriate alliance with you, a husband, against his wife. I got your back, bro."
Tom: "Thanks, bro. I still don't know who you are or why you're in my bathroom."
Jolene: "I am Jolene! The rest doesn't matter."


Is done to the aspiring actress. Now she is a brunette. When she wakes up, all hostage-y like she is, the Alchemist is very tender to her with words of comfort like, "This will all be over very, very soon." She does not take these comforting words well.


Jolene: "Has your bitch wife called since our last scene a second ago? No? you shouldn't have called her selfish. Now it's you're the bad guy..."
Tom: "I'm not saying I'm abused, I'm just saying... She's really nice to me, sometimes."
Jolene: "You should take her out on the town! If she ever comes home or decides to pay attention to you, I mean."
Tom: "Do you have any suggestions on how I can be a spouse in the most basic ways?"
Jolene: "You should come to this photography exhibit tomorrow night where this lady seduces married men, sleeps with them, and then takes a photo mid-act, and then calls it art, because she has no self-esteem and because her frame of reference is woefully small and self-absorbed."
Tom: "I've read about this in one of my magazines! She took a photo of my friend!"
Jolene: "You ... know a philanderer?"
Tom: "No, just kidding. What a fucking whore she is, right?"
Jolene: "Actually, she is me. She is Jolene."
Tom: "I cannot win for losing today."
Jolene: "Just kidding! She is not Jolene, she is just a prisoner of her art student mentality and the commodification of her body as a woman."

Tom: "It's so fun how we just keep lying to each other as 'jokes.' And discussing adultery and licking our lips and batting our eyes at each other."
Jolene: "Honestly, the mere notion that I, Jolene who is not wearing panties at this baby shower, would have sex with a married man such as yourself! Preposterous!"
Tom: "I know, how funny. Like what are we gonna do, just raw-dog it right here in this kitchen among the potluck dishes and casseroles? Knock over a diaper cake with our animalistic lovemaking?"

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The Blacklist




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