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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can


The unsub's dating photo matches this rental-car surveillance footage, so we have the info. Eric Trettel, flunked out of med school, faked a Harvard degree to get on the Human Genome Project. Moved on to being a DNA expert witness, which is when he crossed the D'Angelo crime family, falsifying exculpatory DNA evidence and getting caught. Disgraced and clearly in danger, he vanished/was killed. There's a wife and daughter still in Bethesda that need Liz to get all up in their heads, while Meera sends Ressler to find the car the Alchemist rented after killing those same people two times.


His wife is lovely, like a sane Claire Forlani. She says she hasn't seen him in six years, but then -- once the daughter Annie is sent to the kitchen for food, having been recently diagnosed with diabetes and fitted with an insulin monitor -- mom comes clean: "That dude is crazy as hell. You need to get out of here before he finds out you're this close. He is going to kidnap us, probably immediately. He considers my disinterest in being his wife as a sort of challenge, not unlike the boundaries of science."


Has been set on fire, with the dead but not entirely burnt-up body of Catherine Madrczyk in it. The braintrust of Ressler and Meera deduces that the Alchemist is probably trying to "hide his tracks," since he just set an entire carload of lady's dead body on fire. Then they find a random part of a bar code that I don't know what it is yet, but seems important.


Nerds: "We borrowed an algorithm [See?] from the Germans, ironically, given how much they hate us for Edward Snowden."
Red: "Tell me exactly how this piecing-together of the strips of paper works, in a very long and unnecessary fashion."
Borakove: "Done."

Liz enters, to Red's delight and the nerds' discomfort, and Red can't wait to show her their highly treasonous activities: "I really don't understand how any of it works, but I just love that smell the machines make!"

Liz: "Whose garbage are you combing through this time?"
Red: "Yours! Well, communications from private contractors working with the DOJ, NSA, CIA, FBI, alphabet soup."
Liz: "This is about the incursion."
Red: "Yeah, there is not ever going to be a point where I like talking about that, so let's just keep moving, shall we?"

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The Blacklist




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