The Blacklist
The Alchemist

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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can
Tom: "Quite the opposite! I am specifically not saying that you should quit your job, take your own safety more seriously, be more present for me and my endless black hole of need, or keep any secrets. Even though you are a spy and that is literally your job."
Liz: "Whatever you say, buddy."
Tom: "I have secrets too!"
Liz: "Awesome, finally. Am I gonna need my gun for the rest of this..."
Tom: "My secret is that I watched Real Housewives without you!"
Liz: "I already knew that, because we share a Netflix queue. Or wait, I mean, because I am a spy."
Tom: "Then I guess I don't have any secrets! At all! Wait, I do actually."
Liz: "Is it that you are gay, or that you have passé taste in reality shows, or both?"
Tom: "It is that a fellow teacher is throwing a baby shower, and it is at our house, so technically we are hosting it. So I guess the whole secret is, you are throwing a baby shower. Surprise!"


Cooper: "It was his teeth, but only just like almost his teeth. They'd been filed to be his teeth."
Liz: "But what about the DNA? I am still not getting this episode."

Red: "Oh my God we just talked about this. Nobody knows how. Trading different kinds of blood cells? Clone DNA left at the scene? Maybe putting synthetic DNA into genuine human tissue..."
Liz: "That goes beyond evidence tampering, into genetic manipulation."
Red: "Now you're getting it. Allow me to explain in a poetic, but still very crazy way."

"It's a trade in death. The guilty give their blood and genetic identity, the innocent give their life for the guilty to live. If you find the Alchemist, you have a chance to resurrect the dead. To bring to justice some of the most vile creatures who ever lived."


Liz: "We got a Ponzi guy in 2009, a seven-person Mob hit in 2011, a bunch of molesting Brooklyn priests in 2012..."
Meera: "How many people got alchematized? Like what is the ballpark of this? It's starting to sound like the Blacklist times two."

Aram: "The lady on the plane was originally named Sarah Jenkins. I got it from her bone marrow, which ordinarily would be redundant. She was single, lived alone... But got on a dating site that I have used in the past -- to date women, thanks for asking -- and maybe one of her dudes she met is the Alchemist. We've subpoenaed the site."

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The Blacklist




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