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The Alchemist

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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can
Liz: "So Catherine and Pytor Madrczyk are alive?"
Red: "Yep. Hoo's on first, Ben is Glory, etc."
Liz: "But they're dead! You can't change DNA."
Red, verbatim: "Lizzy, this man is a forensic virtuoso. He's an artist, who paints in blood and saliva samples. Human tissue is his canvas. He's even better than me... Which is why they hired him instead."
Liz: "That's how you knew? Because they came to you first. So you would then know where he's going..."
Red: "Budapest, but I'm only telling you this on the condition that you eat fertilized duck eggs while you're there. It's a quote 'daring and unique dining experience.'"

"You'll think you've died and gone to hell."


Liz and Ressler chill at a bar, with Meera hidden away in a booth, cracking darkly wise on comms: "Target's dead. Hold tight while I look for his ghost."

Ressler wants to talk about Audrey, who recently visited him in the hospital and who is marrying a hedge-fund douche he calls only by the codename "Tassles," thanks to his loafers. What is he going to do? One thing or the other, he supposes. Either act happy, or act pathetic and try to stop it/win her back. Liz doesn't even have a chance to slap some sense into him before the target shows up, all blue Russian Eastern Promises tattoos, glad-handing everybody and without his also-dead wife. Various punches are thrown and so on, and eventually he's in custody.


Liz: "How was your interview?"
Tom: "I didn't go. I mean, I flew there and was unreachable for almost an entire episode, but once I got there I thought, why even pursue this opportunity? Liz'll just bitch about it anyway, considering I didn't once discuss it with her first. Guess I better just waste this entire trip and plane ticket by doing nothing for a couple days, then back to DC."
Liz: "That sounds like a Tom move for sure."
Tom: "It's because of your dead dad."
Liz: "Do go on."
Tom: "Well, he's so dead! And then I'm just adding to your stress by constantly making you choose between your career and your whiny husband, and pushing you on the baby issue, and I realized that six weeks before our adoptive mother's due date is maybe not the best time to start a bunch of melodrama for literally no reason."
Liz: "I feel like there's a but coming."

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The Blacklist




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