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The Alchemist

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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can
Cooper: "Shut up then and just find the Alchemist like we do on this show we're on."
Meera: "I mean come on, who could possibly believe there is still a Mole? I mean really. Seriously, guys."


Red has an entire warehouse of pet nerds that I don't remember if we've seen them before, but they are adorable. They work in what seems to be a bombed-out t-shirt factory, and what they mainly do is: Nerd stuff. For example, tracking down the internal Mole.

Borakove, the young leader: "Government employees texted each other a lot around the time the Black Site was breached, because tragedy spurs that kind of thing, so we're sifting."
Red: "Meanwhile, how is Julian Assange doing? Please send him this Tibetan singing bowl, jackfruit, vitamin D, kola nuts. And get him to eat more protein, he looks like hell. What is he, vegan? I've also included a couple of my favorite Richard Pryor records, in case he somehow develops a sense of humor."
Nerd: "House arrest can be grueling, even at the no-doubt fabulous Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Didn't you spend four months in Phonthong?"
Red: "It was seven. I survived only through frequent naps and less-frequent calisthenics. Tell me how much money we've collected for his defense fund, and what you've done for me with this other thing in return."

They take Red outside to a huge pile of shredded documents, which he waves his hand at and tells them to reassemble by hand, which will involve tons more little interns at little tables, doing it manually. Or something that would include the word "algorithm." Doesn't this seem like a conversation that would have that word in the middle of it?


Red's looking at the obituary listing for Lucy Brooks, 28 -- who I guess is Wujing's #042983 that Red needed to look up on ViCAP, that time they got so mad at him? -- when Liz arrives. He's wearing a kippah, because he's in a synagogue, because he doesn't trust the FBI.

Liz: "Bad news is, I was followed."
Red: "Good news is, it was my people following you."
Liz: "Even though you just explained it to me a minute ago, I'm still fuzzy on the details of this Blacklister. You said he would fake somebody's death, but then they died."
Red: "Fakely. How are you not getting this?"

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The Blacklist




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