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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can
Audrey: "Actually I called it off because you got your leg shot that time and now we are back in love."
Ressler: "Actually that is exactly what I was going to say, but then I choked though."

I like Audrey. She has a very appealing smile. I hope that she doesn't murder anybody. They go walking in the snow, and it's so romantic and cute. A second chance at love! Which just goes to show you once again that the best way to requite your shit is: Get yourself shot in the leg by some ninjas.

Meanwhile, Tom throws out the passive-aggressive Caesar salad of the century and calls up Jolene to see if he can come to the adultery party without his wife, or would that be weird. Guess what, it isn't. Liz brings home Chinese takeout to a not-very-thorough attempt at hiding the dinner he spitefully made and threw away, while at the adultery party Tom and Jolene get crunk. She dazzles him with her intensely crazy eyes; he dazzles her with his feral rage and constant beauty. They are a pair of who knows what.


Comes home to a dark room, and guess who is there? Red, reading a book and none too impressed with her this evening.

Red: "I guess you know why I'm here?"
Meera: "Presumably to kill me for being the Mole?"

Actual tears in her eyes. That is so sad. But also so interesting, because she's Fowler's person, so does that means she was spying on Fowler for Finch before the Post Office, or does it mean that Fowler's relationship with Finch is not as simple as she acted last year? What if everybody is spies? What if nobody is spies? What if Tom is just a goober and Jolene is just a crazy person and Audrey is just a lady, and Meera has totally valid reasons for being a Mole and getting Red tortured and Luli murdered?

Just kidding. The last one alone is reason enough for him to do her in, regardless of her intentions. Although it would make more sense for him to turn her -- making her at least a triple agent, if not many more levels of agent than that -- so he won't always have the threat of Liz acting like a human being when it's most likely to annoy him. I just want to see a long conversation between Red and Meera next week at least, because those are some heavyweights -- first of all -- and second of all, because Meera is a lot more fascinating than the show's been able to give us so far. Which, of course, now also makes sense: If she's the Mole, then the Meera we've barely gotten to know is exactly the amount of Meera we'd be able to, before now. You know?

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The Blacklist




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