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The Alchemist

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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can

Literally, this now happens: Liz suddenly figures out that Molly and Annie Trettel are alive, and have just been kidnapped and not murdered. By a man whose entire thing is doing that. Who is obsessed with them, with reconstructing his family, and has everything at his disposal to create a witness protection program of the dead, which nobody will ever crack -- that this man possibly did not murder his beloved wife and child in cold blood, but possibly, just possibly, did the thing that he is always doing. I mean she just got there. "Doublecheck their marrows! Amber Alert the girl! Put pictures of them all on the media and the news!"


Borakove: "Remember how you wanted us to find the Mole through garbage?"


Red: "Just out of curiosity, what number am I on your speed dial?"
Liz: "Seven."
Red: "Who's six?"
Liz: "Chinese takeout."

But of all the times to pressure Liz Keen about her emotional reticence, today is not the day! She needs to solve a mystery of some dead folks who are driving around in a minivan.

Liz: "I was thinking of using regular investigative principles..."
Red: "There's no time for that! Weird Red stuff and random questions!"
Liz: "You're right, we can track the daughter through her diabetes thing."

They immediately do. Thanks, weird Red stuff! You always come through.

Meanwhile, the Alchemist strong-arms his family around a gas station, explaining once again how the dead people are not actually Molly and Annie, because they are very much alive -- but that the cops will never know the difference, due to alchemy. He offers the kid a candy bar, because he is a deadbeat, and the mom freaks on him due to diabetes, of which he wasn't aware until now. Immediately, he rips open the daughter's shirt to reveal her diabetes thing...

Just as a normal American citizen notices the Amber Alert on the gas station TV, and pulls a gun on their asses because the only thing that can stop an Alchemist with a gun is another guy standing around with nothing better to do, and another gun. The SWAT cars arrive outside, and everybody starts taking everybody hostage.

Outside, Liz yells at the cops to not shoot the dangerous lunatic inside the gas station, and the cop gives her total attitude about it, so hard that you know the Alchemist is going to die. Liz won't stand for it, for some reason, even though they have already solved all of the situations involved in this episode and now the Alchemist is just a crazed weirdo with nothing to lose. (To be fair, he is shouting that he knows the names of hundreds of bad guys, but then what was the point of his hard drive?)

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The Blacklist




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