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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can
Jolene: "Haha, right? Like I would just snake one hand down your pants right over there by the kitchen sink, glass of wine in my other hand, making casual conversation while all of our coworkers were in the other room -- mere feet away! -- with no idea what we were really doing!"
Tom: "Wouldn't that be funny? Wouldn't that just be a gas."


After a quick drop by the PO so Meera can trace the sale of a centrifuge to a DNA sequencing lab called that, we head over there. It seems to be just the Alchemist's secret front and not really a business-business, based on the millions of cubicles each containing a different dramatically lit kind of science: There's a lightboard all about teeth, and pictures of faces with points of interest illustrated on them graphically, all kinds of things you would need to paint with DNA on the human canvas or whatever he said. The place is pretty packed up, otherwise.

Liz: "So I guess he's closing up shop. That makes sense, given that he was reckless enough to come into the field office in order to snip the last threads... Oh shit his wife that hates him and talked to the Feds. We need to get to Bethesda."


Dead bodies! One small, one smaller. Dumbass Ressler calling up Meera to tell her Molly and Annie Trettel are dead, like he forgot what is happening. Everybody being like, "It's so sad that specifically Molly and Annie Trettel, and not just people who have been Alchemizzled into being somewhat like them, have died. Guess we just chalk this up to a case of people definitely getting murdered in their own bodies like who they say they are."


Liz: "We should talk about our rapidly failing marriage."
Tom: "Do I ever want to talk about anything else? Ever?"
Liz: "Whoa, whoa. I didn't mean right now. I meant in the hazy future."
Tom: "You wanna go to this art exhibit about men cheating on their wives? Not that I'm being gross and passive-aggressive by suggesting that, at all."
Liz: "I can't hear you, don't care. Why don't you make me dinner instead?"
Tom: "That sounds like a fair compromise."
Liz: (Has already hung up the phone.)


Aram: "On the hard drives at Trettel's lab, among nothing very interesting, I also found DNA information. Which makes sense, if you think about it, because that's what kind of scientist he was. But the interesting thing is that we now have all of the plane victims' real information, not just the lady one. And not just that, but a slew of other clients, with complete breakdowns before and after. A slew, Liz Keen."

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The Blacklist




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