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The Alchemist

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Don't Take Him Just Because You Can
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Red uncovered his own Mole, but is still tracking the one on the Post Office side. Ressler's ex and one true love is possibly a secret agent? Tom ran off to "Nebraska" with no notice, but whatever: All Liz cared about was solving an old case and bringing Red back into the fold, and in the end she accomplished both.


Red: "Okay, I got a new name for you. He's called the Alchemist, because what he does is turn innocent people -- up to and including actual infants -- into other people, and then into dead people, to protect the paying guilty."
Liz: "This is with science he does this?"
Red: "Of a sort. He's up next because he just got a contract to scrub the ex-Serbian Mob informants Pytor and Catherine Madrczyk. So when they turn up dead, you should know they actually aren't. Because of the alchemy."

In fact just this very moment a good-looking beardy blond is making out with a chick and laughing in a weird sex way, even as she slowly roofies onto the floor and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she has brown hair and her makeup game is on point, which horrifies her. She's on a plane, kind of an entirely different person all of a sudden, and across from her is a man whose passport calls him "Pytor." It isn't him, though, because guess what? That dude has no idea what is going on either.

The Alchemist -- for that is the sex-laugher man we met above -- says what's up to them and then peaces with a parachute, and then the camera -- Horribly! But also amazingly! -- shows us what it is like to be in a plane that is pointed at the ground and moving very quickly toward it. Pretty immediately, they are dead as hell.


Meera: "Well they've been identified as the Madrczyks..."
Liz: "Which means they aren't. Red knows his shit."
Cooper: "Why do you always get to hear vague things from that man who loves you? Why won't he ever hang out with me and act all weird at me? Make him come here!"
Liz: "He says no, because there is still a Mole. Newton Grey Phillips was only half."
Meera: "Ridiculous. The DOJ says it's okay now, and they are always right."
Ressler: "As much as I love disagreeing with literally anything anybody says, I agree this one time. We are no longer under surveillance by anybody in the PO."
Meera: "I am so sick of talking about this Mole, like, can we please find something new to talk about besides Mole This, Mole That, Mole Mole Mole. I mean, what even does that word mean, once you say it enough times?"

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The Blacklist




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