The Blacklist
Mako Tanida

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When I Think About You, I Stab Myself
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Liz is not interesting in following her nose or Red's, as far as Tom's totally suspicious nature, Ressler hooked back up with his old girlfriend Audrey three months ago, and Jolene -- Red and the Cowboy hot on her heels -- finally cracked the door on Tom Keen's secret life as a professional spier-on-Liz.


An FBI Agent in Japan is not being very attentive to his wife, a feeling with which Tom Keen could surely identify if he were not secretly a spy. After a while this man, Sam Raimo, is kidnapped at sword point by a man named Mako Tanida, who just escaped from jail.

Mako: "Remember how you were part of Ressler's taskforce hunting Red Reddington and you guys never accomplished anything, but screwing up other bad guys' lives on the way there?"
Raimo: "Kind of. What's going on? Why are we in a stereotypical snowy Japanese garden like you are about to Kill Bill?"
Mako: "I am one of those dudes I was just mentioning. I escaped from jail! Can you do me a quick favor?"
Raimo: "It depends on the favor."
Mako: "Stab yourself with this sword or else I will kill your whole family."
Raimo: "Oh, is that all?"

Sam stabs himself through the abdomen with his sword, which Mako says is because he has bushido but actually it is because he's being blackmailed about it. So now we have two different ways that Mako is not a great guy. First of all, he kidnaps people. And second of all, he doesn't seem to have a very sincere or clear grasp on the samurai honor code. But I guess that kind of counterintuitive self-dealing just goes hand-in-hand with being a crimelord: "Jesus wants me to have all this money, that's why tax shelters continually get forced onto the books ever since Reagan wedged open the door for corporations and the super-rich to entirely subvert democracy!"


Jolene and Liz are chattin' at the counter when Tom comes down for the morning, Jolene looking flawless and crazy and the Keens just looking flawless. Tom is not happy to see her, because she is applying a certain kind of intra-spy bullying pressure, like a dog peeing in another dog's kitchen to say it is their kitchen.

Liz: "This crazy looking lady right here is a coworker of yours, last seen hiding in our bathroom like a nutcase. Do you guys remember each other?"
Jolene: "I'm moving into your neighborhood! By which I mean getting all up in your head. Hey, remember that art gallery we went to, Tim? With the pictures of the men cheating on their wives?"

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The Blacklist




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